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Halloween Costume Ideas For All Ages

For many people finding that perfect Halloween costume can dramatically change their looks and personality. Of course finding the right costume can be a daunting task - for example, nobody can say which Halloween costumes is best because different people have different preferences. However certain categories of people (separated by age) may have similar tastes. That's why I've included some fun Halloween costume ideas based on five different age categories - toddlers, kids, teens, adults and seniors, plus one extra category dedicated to our beloved pets!

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Toddlers

Any parent can now fashion out Halloween costumes for their toddlers. The sassy cat costume is particularly easy to create. If a child has a leopard print suit, then a fluffy collar and fluffy cuffs can be fashioned out in pink color. A nice little bow with cat ears is then fashioned out and worn over the head. Easy to wear flat shoes will complete this look.

A wonder woman costumer is also easy to make. Get the toddler a wonder woman t-shirt in a bright color. Now prepare a skirt using net or mesh material. A blue netting material is used to fashion out a lovely skirt adorned with large white stars. A small yellow bow will complete the look.

Another great Halloween costume idea is the wind up doll. Any lovely baby girl would look adorable in this costume. Simply find an adorable baby dress, find a matching ribbon then tie it into a knot. Now attach the ribbon bow to a head bow. She will look so cute. The major task now, which is really simple, is to prepare the turn key. An empty toilet roll and piece of cardboard will do the trick. Take a piece of cardboard, fashion out a key handle and attach this to an empty toilet roll. Now affix this key onto baby's back. If the baby is super talented, she can robot walk down the street and at the party.

Toddlers are hardly nerds but this makes a great costume idea. Dressing up your toddler as a nerd is really simple. Find a large bow tie, suspenders and geeky glasses with no lenses. Geeky glasses are large with thick, black frames. Now dress up the toddler in black pants, white shirt, red suspenders, a black bow tie and the geeky glasses. For greater effect, put some pencils and a calculator in his shirt pockets.

There are plenty of other amazing toddler Halloween costume ideas. They simply need parents to be creative, imaginative and handy with some crafts. Why not think of more fun costume ideas for this Halloween season?

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Kids

Many parents love to dress their children in traditional Halloween costumes. One of the most popular ones is a witch costume. For centuries, people believed that witches were responsible for evil and unfortunate events that happened in the past. However, their are some people that believe that some witches are actually good and can protect humankind. That's why witches are part of the traditional Halloween clothing.

A ghost costume is a unisex costume that has also been used since ancient time. The best part is that these costumes come in different styles and shapes so your kid can definitely look unique if you choose this option. Some other traditional Halloween costume ideas include skeletons, Jack-o-Lantern and Batman, just to name a few.

Rapping your kids in bandages or a torn old bed sheet can be a great way to create a real mummy costume without having to spend extra money. In order to make the wrappings or cloth look older you can stain it with tea leaves or a teabag and make the costume looked even scarier.

In case you are looking for some more fresh Halloween costume ideas, you should probably take a closer look at the TV shows your kids love to watch. It's almost a given that they'll enjoy wearing a costume that resembles a TV hero like Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants. You can also take some example from popular animated movies like Shrek, Toy Story and comic super heroes that are getting quite popular these days. If you are looking for a costume that is "appropriate" for this occasion, then Harry Potter costume is the perfect choice. When it comes to magic, Harry Potter is definitely the most popular character among kids, casting spells and witchcraft.

If you have a sports jerseys or even an athletic outfit laying around the house it can definitely be used for a cheap Halloween costume. The best part about a jersey it could be worn any time.

If on a budget and have children, you might want to create a costume from scratch, encourage your child's imagination and creativity, and teach them valuable lessons about the value of money. This type of costume will most likely be more comfortable, as it is tailored specifically for your kids body type - not one-size-fits-all. Don't forget to consult your kid when creating or buying a costume because after all, they are the ones that will wear the costume and they need to feel comfortable and happy.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Teens

Since teens are a specific category of the population, it may take some time to find the right costume. Teens may be too old to be ghost with sheets, but they are still not ready to wear some costumes usually worn by adults. Just like in the case with younger kids, teens need to feel comfortable in their costumes.

In recent years, many teens choose to wear Halloween costumes that represent some of their favorite musicians. Some of the singers that are known for their extravagant clothing are Elton John, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. They have interesting dresses in the music videos, so you can use these videos as an inspiration.

While it is true that teenagers wants to look older and stop being treated as children, there is nothing wrong about wearing a costume that is inspired by some animated movie like Shaggy costume (Scooby Doo) or even Elmo (Sesame Street). Some popular movies loved by teens like Twilight Saga, Transformers, Marvel movies or any movie popular among teens can get you inspired too. In addition, they can try some wild/punk version of ballerinas, football players etc.

In addition, teens also like to wear costumes that represents some profession which they find attractive like a doctor for example. This is a simple costume, all you need is a white coat with everyday clothes under the coat. Of course a stethoscope around your neck would definitely complete the outfit. Other costume choices may include nurse, fireman, police man and even psychologist.

Sometimes its easier for teenagers to make high-quality costumes. Experiment with different outfits to create a unique costume that will make you look awesome. For girls, don't forget to include jewelry. Jewelry can be bought for a few dollars and it can really make a big difference in the overall quality of your costume. Before purchasing items, seek them out in secondhand stores. Also, check with friends or family to see if they have any items you could borrow. If you can sew, purchasing fabric is often cheaper than making a costume form scratch.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Adults

Who says that Halloween is a holiday that is interesting just for the kids and teens? Adults can have fun too and that's why I present a short list of Halloween costume ideas for adults. For woman, you must decide whether you are looking for a naughty/sexy costume or a "regular" costume. If you decide to go wild on this night, you can always choose a nurse, police officer or fireman costume. These costumes will make anyone look sexy. Men choosing to bypass the "regular" costume, might opt for a more traditional costume such as a pirate, vampire, zombie, or ghost.

When it comes to so-called "regular" costumes, you can choose a costume that reflects your hobbies or interests. If you like movies and TV shows you can dress as some of your favorite characters. Keep in mind that there are many people who love movies and TV shows so you might be wearing the same costume like someone else. If you want to avoid that, choose a character that is not actually the main character in the show. If you belong to the older generation, choose characters that were popular back in the days - 80s or 90s.

You can even try going dressed as your favorite dead celebrity. Not only can you go dressed as them during the height of their career. But you can also go dressed as a back from the grave decaying zombie version of them. By simply adding some special effects makeup, you can turn your Viva Las Vegas Elvis into a Zombie Elvis.

Kurt Cobain is sure to be a hit, especially if you have a date that can go as Courtney Love. All you'll need is some Cobain sunglasses, grungy hair and an old pair of jeans, black converse and flannel shirt over a distressed t-shirt. Courtney Love is a hilarious costume idea because of all her outrageous fashion statements throughout their relationship.

Want to be culturally relevant? How about dressing up for Halloween this year as Prince or David Bowie? That would really be great, considering the amount of different looks they rocked throughout their long careers. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Go as Snape. His costume is quite easy to do-it-yourself (DIY). All you'll need is a long black robe like his, a long sleeve knee length high collared black jacket worn underneath. Long black pants and black boots. The hair can be pulled off easily with a simple black wig (you may need to cut it though). Oh yeah and your wand, you need a wand too, but you can make a wand quite easily for free.

If your on a budget this Halloween, DIY costumes will save money, and they also help adults and children spark their imaginations. Costumes off the store shelves are often flimsy and one-size-fits-most. And these cheaply made costumes often come with a large price tag. To really take your costuming to the next level and save some money, make your own costume.

If you are creative and are willing to put in the "effort," you can create a costume that will make you stand out at the next Halloween party you attend. Something its as simple as a bit of red food coloring and a everyday outfit could turn into a favorite horror movie character or victim. Most people are reluctant to create their own costume at first, but when they notice how easy and fun it is to make one, they do it every year.

Before purchasing items, seek them out in secondhand stores. Also, check with friends or family to see if they have any items you could borrow. If you can sew, purchasing fabric is often cheaper than a store-bought costume. So before you head to the store to pick up a mass-produced costume, consider the benefits of making your own costume. You will stand out from the crowd with your one-of-a-kind costume, which may help you win a costume contest.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Seniors

A great idea for a Halloween costume this year if you're a senior man is Willie Nelson. He is one of the most recognizable musicians of all time, not to mention his fame for advocating the legalization of marijuana. All you'll need to pull off the Willie Nelson look is a folded scarf headband. If you have enough hair you could braid it like he does or just buy a cheap grey wig version. Get some black denim jeans and wear them with cowboy boots. Then all you need to finish off the outfit is just a classic rock t-shirt and a guitar.

If you are a senior woman you can go as the Queen of England - It was actually her 90th birthday this year so this would be quite relevant in particular. Wear one of those Pointed birthday hats. Maybe you have a bunch of girlfriends that all want to dress in a group, suggest going as the cast of Golden Girls. You know how much fun that'd be?

A great senior couples idea for Halloween costumes this year would be Han and Leia from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I bet that both your kids and your grandkids would get a real kick out of this choice. It's age relevant, and the costume is dead simple to DIY.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Pets

It is always fun to dress up dogs, cats and other pets and this is especially true when it comes to Halloween because you can truly unleash your creativity. Have you ever wondered how would your pet look in a pirate costume or a cowboy costume? Well, this is the right time to check. There are many people who dress their pets as some other animals. For example, they put a horse costume on their cats or dogs. If you want your pet to look more serious you can buy a tuxedo from your local costume store.

Of course, you can also use some popular TV character and make them even cuter. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Batman or some animated movies can certainly provide some good ideas. Don't forget to use some accessories like belts, hats or shoes to make them look more attractive.

The truth is that some of these costumes are more suitable for certain dog breeds. For example, you can try a Joker costume on your boxer or bulldog. They sure look like naughty dogs and they are very active so a Joker costume really suits them. Pin-striped pants, red tie, vest and attention grabbing dress shirt are all the things you'll need for this costume. If you want to improve the effects, you can also use a crazy wig.

It is also fun to dress your dog as a prisoner. Many people associate prisoners with danger and they are scared of them and this type of costume will definitely make your innocent doggie look rough. Find stripped clothing or a simple orange jumpsuit and if it is possible attach a chain and a ball to the costume.

Remember your pet is family and their comfort is important. As a result, don't squeeze your pet into a costume that's too tight, a loose fitting outfit is best. (Of course not too lose, whereby your pet can shake out of it.) Finally, Halloween is about having fun and a great costume can help you achieve that.

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