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Women's Heavenly & Men's Dark Angle Costume Ideas

The dark or heavenly angel Halloween costume is a unique Halloween costume both genders. It is easy to turn anyone into a angel with just the right clothes and accessories. Here are a few tips on how to pull off this look:

Women's Heavenly Angel - To create the heavenly angel you will need a white dress and white headband for starters. Women may decide to use white stockings for their legs if their dress is too short and they want to create a sexy look to it. Another option that women and girls have is to put wings on their back.

Angels are known for having wings, so this will make the costume look much more authentic. You can get wings at a novelty store or simply make your own out of poster board and then attach them to the back of your dress. The shoes can be white high-heels for women or white slippers for girls. The final piece will be the white headband on the top of the head. Alternatively, you could create a halo out of silver tinsel garland and hard wire.

Men's Dark Angel - The Dark Angel Halloween costume will be the opposite of the Heavenly Angel costume. Instead of all white colors, you will need all black colors. There are a couple of outfits that will work well here. A basic male version of the Dark Angel costume consists of a black suit and tie, black boots, and a black cross pendant around the neck.

Alternatively, you can use a black trench coat instead of a suit or blazer if you want to create a more intense Dark Angel look. If you donít like the trench coat, go with a black robe that covers your whole body. Adding black wings are optional, but it may increase the aesthetic value even more. Another option is to wear black eyeshadow on your face.

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