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Dark Halloween Stories

I've included some dark and disturbing Halloween stories for your reading pleasure. But I warn you some of these tales aren't for the week of heart, reader decision is advised!

The Haunted House (An Interactive Short Story) Join Brad and his friends as they spend a night inside a haunted house on Halloween night.

The Fun House There is nothing is more fun that going to an old rundown fair on Halloween night. Mike and his friends find themselves a carnival ride that will climax in pure horror.

The Wedding Day Julie was little shy and this all new. of this was new. She considered herself a country girl, but when her...

The Game Show It's the ultimate game show, "You Bet Your Immortal Soul." Mark finds himself on a game show, not for money and prizes, but for...

Journey Into Man It's 2070 and science has the ability to shirk matter to the size of an atom. Hold on tight as your miniaturize and shot into a human body.

Wolf Mountain At the dawn of civilization a lone gray wolf lost in the wilderness approaches a man-made settlement searching...

I Gladiator As the gladiators walk into the arena the crowds roar in a feared pitch. Marcus is about to have the fight of his life.