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Just Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Year after year, people celebrate Halloween with costumes that exhibit creativity and uniqueness. You want your kids to stand out for Halloween and to ensure that they do, you need to fit them with a Halloween costume that is not only unique but the kind they are proud to wear.


This type of costume is reserved for little girls. They can look both scary and cute in these costumes. You can definitely make combinations with the colors, but the basic rule is to focus on the use of one color. Of course, people prefer the black color as the scariest one, but since we are talking about little girls feel free to use some other colors like green or orange for example.

Skeleton Costume

A skeleton costume is easy to make. Get a black jumpsuit or track suit and then paint white bones to create a skeleton look. You can use a black hood and attach it to the jumpsuit. You can use face paint for the face or buy a skeleton mask to save time.

Devil Costume

The devil is an ugly creature with pointed ears, a pointed tail, horns and a forked stick. For the horns, get a head bow and attach horns on each end. The bow is then worn on the forehead. Get some fangs for a toothy, devilish smile add Halloween face paint the eyes to make them look evil.

Red and black are the theme colors so get a red suit and black top or black suit and red top. A hood can suffice for the costume and black gloves. The devil always has his forked stick and a long, pointy tail.

Cartoon Charter

If your kids love watching cartoon, you can make costumes that resemble some of their favorite characters. You will be amazed at how much they will want to flaunt their costumes. When making the costumes, ensure that you capture all the important details of the characters to avoid embarrassing your kids.

Super Hero

A boy wants to be revered as a strong and able boy. As a result, one of the best costumes that you can make for your pre-teen boy on Halloween night is that of a super hero character. Some of the most popular characters include Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Robin Hood. However, it is important to note that the trend changes with time depending with the movies that make it to the blockbuster hit.


Pirates are dangerous people but most kids will love dressing like a pirate because they can be feared and respected by their friends. Some of the most amazing pirate's costumes include ratty clothes, jewelry, eye patch, and a sword. Adorn your pre-teen with pirates' clothes and watch them stand out in a crowd.

To make Halloween day memorable to your kids, you can adopt some of the ideas above. They are simple and most do not require complex processes. Another thing is that you should never stop exploring till you find a costume that really defines your kids on such a day.

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