Naked And Afraid Costume Ideas

Naked & Afraid Costume Ideas

Think that you can't make a costume out of nakedness? Think again. There are actually many ways to wear nothing. Take a look at these popular Discovery Chanel Naked and Afraid Halloween costume ideas and be inspired to streak everywhere this season:

• Not Quite Naked

If you don't want to be totally naked, that's somewhat understandable. If you're a woman, you might want to cover up your goods with a coconut bra and a palm skirt. Similarly, if you're a man, you could use some animal skin for your loins (or something plant-based if it won't be too itchy). The idea is to use something natural from the environment, that you might find for yourself if you were out in the savage wilderness. Use your imagination.

• Naked and Not Afraid

If you want to push yourself when it comes to social courage (and it's legal where you live) why not do the Full Monty? You can add a few items on yourself like they have on the Discovery Chanel television show, for example, a fire-starter or a fake machete. If that sounds like it's a bit too much, you can try for simulated nakedness. There are plenty of costume shops that have premade skin suites.

• Accessories

Contrary to popular belief, you can find plenty of accessories in the forest. Put some twigs in your hair, smudge some dirt on your face, look like you've been fending for yourself. Do you want to frolic freely in the wilderness? Try a Naked and Afraid costume this Halloween.

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