Amazon Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Amazon Warrior Costume Ideas

Do you have a fighter's spirit inside of you? Do you feel the urge to leap out of the jungle, spear in hand, and scare the living daylights out of your friends with a mighty warrior's roar? Well, no one ever said that you can't be fierce and fabulous at the same time.

• The Outfit

Naturally, if you're an Amazon fighter, you're going to be wearing powerful, yet skimpy clothes. Think along the lines of Xena, warrior princess. Wear a leather or animal skin bra and some matching briefs to cover your loins, and that should basically be enough. If you want to add some drapery around your hips for a touch of modesty, that's okay, too.

• Head Gear

You can do without a lot of extras, but a good thing to add is headgear of some kind. A leather helmet would work well. If you want to take things further, you could wear a dead animal, such as a lion's head, as a hat. If you're ethically vegan, a fake animal would be perfectly fine as well.

Some fake tribal tattoos might pull your look together even more, so consider some body art, too. If you can get your hands on bone jewelry, wear a few necklaces and bracelets.

• Weapons

The only acceptable weapons for an Amazon are a spear, a lance, or a bow and arrow. Optionally, you can also use a shield to deflect the blows of your enemies. Are you feeling the rage of a powerful Amazon yet? Well you should; somebody has to throw plastic spears at unsuspecting victims this Halloween and it might as well be you.

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