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Candy Apple Recipe

Apples, together with pumpkins, are popular treats for Halloween. You can make toffee apples, apple cookies or candy apples. However, candy apples are tasty, Simi-healthy and delicious treat. For this recipe you can use just any type of apple found in the grocery store. The amount of apples needed depends on how many guests you expect at your home, however it is always a good idea to have more to spare.

After purchasing the the apples, first thing you should do is to properly wash and them dry them. Be sure to polish them so they will get a nice, shiny look. The apple stem should also be removed. Insert the prepared wooden sticks at the top of each apple and remove the blossoms.

Take a saucepan and add an eight cup of water, sugar and syrup. (This should cover about 5 apples.) Place the saucepan on heat and stir until the mixture dissolves. Boil the mixture without any stirring until it reaches three hundred degrees. By dropping some of the syrup into cold water you will s it will separate into brittle threads. Next thing to do is to remove it from the heat and set it aside.

The next part involves stirring of food coloring and cinnamon. After you do this start with dipping the apples in order to cover them. After you have dipped all apples hold them or place them above the saucepan in order to drain properly. Place them on a tray stick side up or on a greased pan, and return the syrup back on the heat. The syrup should liquefy if it is too firm. After that you leave the apples stand for at least one hour before you serve them.

It may seem that making candy apples requires too much work, but that is really not the case. It will not take too long before you make them and candy apples are perfect for Halloween. You can even decorate them with some scary features using different colors. Candy apples are sugary treats that will be surely loved by all your Halloween visitors.

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