Armageddon Halloween Costume Ideas

Armageddon Costume Ideas

Just because the world has ended doesn't mean Halloween is over. In fact, it's just the beginning. Now is the time to get out your gas mask and hazmat suit out of the closet and created the perfect Halloween costume. Here's how to put such an explosive Halloween costume together:

Citizen Costume

To start, keep an eye on the costume your trying to design and you'll see that most of the clothing is actually normal everyday stuff that's been distressed and covered with loads of grit, sand, dirt or blood. Think teared jeans or any other clothes with holes in them.

If you don't have any old clothes that you feel like ruining, then check out the thrift store, a garden sale or simply ask some of your relatives if they have any old items that they don't want anymore.

A great way to age a light colored garment is just to make a big bowl of strong tea and soak it overnight, then rinse in a salty water solution to set the color. Grey, black, red and brown fabric or water soluble paints are ideal for adding bloody wounds beneath holes in clothing, injuries you got from fighting off those zombie hordes, of course.

Hunting jackets can work, just make sure you don't take your rifle with for realism. Even if it's not loaded, some people will definitely want to start a fight with you, especially if there's alcohol at this party.

A fake plastic rifle or other fake weaponry like an axe is a much better choice. If you want to make a joke of the whole concept of the Armageddon, just make a tin foil hat and go as Alex Jones or just a generic conspiracy theorist. Finally, you may want to watch some movies for inspiration; check out Contagion, World War Z or Mad Max.

Doomsday Solider

Something that distinguishes a generic solider from a doomsday solider is his face. You'll want to go for some kind of scary twist, so shop around for a mask that would really creep people out. You can find something that is unique to your style, but a good place to start is with masks that suggest death. A black skull mask would be perfect. For extra apoplectic effect were an oxygen tank.

A solider would need a military outfit of some kind. You can find one at a costume store, or you can visit an army surplus store if you're looking for more authenticity. For shoes, find some military boots. The accessories will depend on what kind of soldier you are. Do you find guns fascinating? Then get a fake submachine gun from a Halloween store to strut around with. If you're more into close-up combat, then get some fake swords.

You can also get things like military canteens, rucksacks, and gas masks at the army surplus store if you really want to go all out. Helmets are optional, and you can get these cheap at a costume store or try to find a real one online. March your way into this years Halloween party and keep the guest in order with a Armageddon Solider costume.

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