Astronaut Halloween Costume Ideas

Android Astronaut Costume Ideas

Do you want to be a sexy futuristic android astronaut from another planet? Who doesn't? Be an otherworldly space woman this Halloween and let everyone know that you come in peace. Here is how to put together a costume like this:

The first thing you're going to need is body paint, since it's not "outer spacey enough" if you just have one of the common human skin tones. Since everything in futuristic alien civilizations is made of chrome, find silver-colored body paint and cover all of the body parts that will show outside of your clothes.

Ideally, you would have a lack of hair, but sometimes this isn't feasible if you don't want to shave your head. If you can get a skull cap that you can paint over to make yourself look hairless, then that's good. You can also find a metallic or neon-colored wig. Nothing enhances a costume more than creepy contact lenses. Find gray ones if you want them to blend in creepily with your skin, or find colors that stand out, like red or even purple. Just make sure you get them from a reputable optometrist. Don't buy knock-off lenses, or this could hurt your eyes.

You're going to want some futuristic alien clothes. If you've ever watched science fiction from the 1950's, then you know that such space people only wear metallic-colored clothes that looks like aluminum foil. If you're crafty, go to the fabric store and try to find some metallic-looking fabric to build a pair of tight pants and a shirt. Otherwise, you could try looking through thrift stores for some clothes from the 80's; in that era, many popular outfits looked very alien and disturbingly inhuman.

Find some metallic high heels. You could also get some regular-colored high heels and spray paint them silver. Are you ready to shoot puny humans with your laser beams this Halloween? Join the galactic alliance with a space woman Halloween costume.

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