Baby Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

When Halloween comes around, everyone wants to get into the mood and adorn a fun or themed costume. While this is true of kids and adults alike, baby should not be left behind. If you have a toddler be sure to include them in this years celebration.

• Baby Spider

You can get you baby a lovely and colorful itsy bitsy spider costume complete with hairy spider legs with a hood showing large spidery eyes. This costumer is very colorful with spotted areas on the body, stripes on the sleeves and colorful spider legs.

• Pirate Costume

Your child will look menacing in a pirate costume. Dress baby up in red and black striped pants, a white shirt with frills, a black half coat and a huge buckle belt. The outfit can be topped up with a bandanna head gear with the skull sign.

• Infant Batman

The batman costume is another popular choice with kids during Halloween. For this outfit you will need a batman's suit and head mask with fantastic Batman ears. The costume looks best in soft colors such as grey or beige with batman's insignia on the front.

• Fuzzy Caterpillar

You can dress your infant child in the spectacular caterpillar costume. A full body costume where the legs and feet are tucked is perfect. Plus, dangling caterpillar legs on each side with sleeves for baby's hands is very cute. Complete the outfit by including a hood with caterpillar like eyes.

• Toddler Witch

You can also dress up your infant daughter in a lace costume complete with a witch's cone hat. The lace dress is pleated and flows down to the feet while the top has an corset. The cone witch's hat is adorned with beautiful flowers making for a pretty witch costume in black.

• Prison Stripes

You can also dress up a toddler in time out costume. This is similar to prison outfit of white with black horizontal stripes. This suit consists of a short sleeve top, pants designed in similar fashion and cap. Gets your infant looking like a miniature inmate ready for time out.

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