The Bing Bang Theory Halloween Cosutme Ideas

The Big Bang Theory Costume Ideas

Bazinga - It's time to get nerdy! Halloween is not always about being scary. If fact with the phenomenal success of the CBS's "The Big Bang Theory," people all over the world want to dress like their favorite characters from the show.

• Sheldon Cooper

If you want to dress up like the star of the show (Sheldon Cooper) then you need to think like you're a fan of science and comic book superheroes. The typical Sheldon outfit consists of light brown jeans (like khakis), an athletic t-shirt with a superhero theme, and brown lace-up shoes. The shirt can be either the symbol for "The Flash" or the symbol for the "Green Lantern."

• Leonard & Penney

The Leonard costume will require black thick-rimmed eyeglasses and graphite-colored corduroy pants. The upper body attire can be either a tri-blend hooded long sleeve shirt or a green short sleeved t-shirt with a recycle symbol in the middle.

Penny is the leading female character of the show. She wears college style outfits that girls would normally wear, such as blue jeans and a button-down shirt or blouse. You'll also want to wear some grey slip-on sneakers.

• Raj Koothrappali

Raj is the geek character of the show who is usually seen wearing a red cotton cap, a sporty purple and white zip jacket, leaf cargo pants, creamy pucker short sleeve shirt, and a brown sweater vest with a V-neck.

Howard & Bernadette

Howard is always seen wearing plaid button-up shirts. You could go with a western style red and black plaid shirt or lighter floral button-up shirt. His hairstyle is sort of a brushed bowl cut with long sideburns. (It's supposed to be derived from the classic Beatle's hairstyle.)

Bernadette play Howard's wife on the show. She has blonde hair with oval-shaped glasses and usually wears a floral dress. Sometimes she'll wear a purple or pink sweater over the dress on top.

• Amy Farrah Fowler

Last but not last and one of my personal favorites on the show is Amy. She a nerdy type girl who wears rectangular framed eyeglasses, a green t-shirt, coffee brown thermal tights, camel colored corduroy skirt, pink and grey striped button-down cardigan, brown leather loafers, and a button-down floral shirt.

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