Bee Halloween Costume Ideas

Honeybee Halloween Costume Ideas

Buzz Buzz! Bees are a remarkably important facet of our ecosystem. Not only do they help pollinate plants to create a habitable environment for us humans, but also make for a good Halloween costume.

Baby Bee

To start we're going to do a baby bee costume. Here, you will need to knit a black and yellow striped baby outfit and hat. If your knitting skills are not up to par, simply purchase one online.

Another alternative is to stuff some poly-fil under the blanket to create that "round" look that most bees have. Feel free to accessorize for pictures by laying the child in a pile of sunflowers or other plants as if he/she is pollinating the garden.

Since we are making a costume for a child, we need it to be loose and un-intrusive, that is why simply adorning them with a blanket and loose hat is the safest way to do so. You can also utilize some non-allergenic, non-toxic body paint to create the black and yellow striped effect on your child.

Kid Bee

Teen Bee  Halloween Costume Ideas

For a girl bee outfit were a black and yellow dress with wings. You can find such a outfit at any Halloween costume store. Feel free to accessorize with antennas as well. Be sure to add some funky eyeglasses and you can even dye your hair magenta just be different.

For boys, purchase a black and yellow sweater and place some poly-fil underneath it. Then, wear some black pants and black shoes. You can also get crazy with some face paint as well. We recommend painting black and yellow stripes along your forehead and cheeks to really stand out.


Naked & Afraid  Halloween Costume Ideas

For a beekeeper costume, you will need white pants and a large white sweater. Make sure that these items are tight fitting, because we want to mimic the look of a white hazmat suit. Such pants can be purchased at a local department store.

Of course, you can simply purchase a "beekeeper" costume set from Amazon, but that kind of takes the fun out of the DIY process. Next, purchase a large straw hat (a sombrero will work as well). Using fishnets, sew the netting into the brim of the sombrero so that it drapes around the sternum.

Complement the outfit with large, brown boots and tight yellow gloves. Of course, every beekeeper needs a method of storing the honey, so carry around a metal bucket with the word "honey" written on it.

As you can see, there are a variety of bee-influenced costumes that you can pursue for your next Halloween gathering. One thing is sure, however, if you follow these tutorials, you will most definitely be the buzz of the party.

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