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Big Guy Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you have some extra weight you're lugging around? Got a beer belly? Who doesn't these days, right? Take advantage of your size and try a Halloween costume for big guys!

Track Runner

Oh, the irony! Most track runners are pretty slim, but who says you can't fly like the wind with your lovely lumps? This costume is easy. Get yourself some athletic shorts, a stretchy athletic shirt, and some running shoes, like the professional runners. Print out a sheet of paper with some numbers on it and tape it to yourself. Make sure to bring a water bottle so that you can periodically drench yourself in sweat.


Jockeys are supposed to be small, so its funny to see a heavy-set guy were this outfit. you can buy a pre-maid jockey costume or make your own. Find some white pants and long riding boots. Get a long-sleeved jockey shirt, or just find one of those tight athletic shirts that kind of looks like it. Throw in the signature hat, and you're ready to ride. If you want to get a stuffed animal horse and pretend you're riding it around, that might be funny, too.

Peter Griffin

One of the most famous TV big guys of all time is Peter Griffin. For this costume, all you need is a white, long-sleeved shirt (rolled up of course) and green pants with a black belt and a gold buckle. Add some brown shoes and you're ready to harass your friends with some fart jokes.

Are you a big guy and feel like your costume choices might be limited? Don't feel that way! There are plenty of costumes that look awesome on big frames. Give one of these a try and have fun.

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