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Biker Gal Halloween Costume Ideas

The Biker Gal Halloween costume will make you look tough, bold, adventurous, and attractive all at the same time. It is a simple costume to design if you use the right clothing and accessories. The first area of your body to focus on is the upper body. There are two good choices for dressing your torso.

You can either wear a black leather jacket or a black shirt with an American flag printed on the front of it. If you wear the shirt, put on a blue denim vest over it. If you're wearing the jacket, do not wear a shirt underneath. Just wear a black bra with nothing else on top other than the jacket.

The pants that you'll wear on your lower body will depend on the clothing of your upper body. For example, if you are wearing the black leather jacket, then you don't want to wear black leather pants too.

Biker gals don't usually match everything that they wear. Instead, they like to diversify between the upper and lower bodies. In this case, you will want to wear blue denim pants if you have on a leather jacket. But if you're wearing the shirt and denim vest, then you will wear leather pants on your lower body. As for your feet, you can wear high-heeled black boots.

Do not forget about your forehead area. If you are a female with long hair, you need to wear a black leather hat or a red bandana. These biker hats typically have a chain across the top to give it extra appeal. This is optional to use if you want. The point is that you want to restrain your hair like a real biker gal. When they're riding their motorcycles in high winds, they need to keep their contained so that it is not blowing in their face.

You can choose to add extra jewelry pieces, such as silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, to give yourself a more authentic look. And, of course, nothing beats a nice pair of sexy black sunglasses. That will complete the look for sure.

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