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Bronze Woman Halloween Costume Ideas

Have you ever wanted to embody the elegance of a bronze statue? Do you want to be that stunning woman with the stony, unbreakable exterior but a warm heart of gold? Well, why not give the Bronze Woman a try?

You can stand out this Halloween by making yourself up in this stoic, attractive color that will have everyone staring. It's always best if you put your own creative twist on things, but here are some Bronze Woman Halloween costume ideas to get you started:

Bronze Makeup / Hair

The first step in becoming the living embodiment of any elegant color is the makeup. You may want to apply it only to your face, or you could cover any kind of exposed flesh. Of course, the more...interesting your costume, the more skin you will need to color in. Try to go with a makeup that has a glossiness to it, otherwise it's just going to have a dull brown look.

If you can find a copper-colored wig, this may help make it easier when you're getting dressed up on Halloween night. However, you can also choose to find some bronze temporary hairspray and give your natural hair that metallic tint.

Bronze Cloths

If you're going for that statuesque look, less is more when it comes to clothes. If you'd rather stay a little modest, a bronze-colored zentai suit with the hood unzipped might work, too.

Bronze Accessories

Since the theme of your costume is a metallic hue, why waste this opportunity to wear some attractive jewelry? Find some bronze-colored earrings and a necklace. For an exotic, "pierced" look, you can add all sorts of nose rings, eyebrows rings, and more.

If you don't actually have that many holes in your head, that's perfectly fine, they make clip-on rings of just about every kind. If you're feeling festive, you can also try a bronze hat or headpiece. No matter what accessories or techniques you use to create your Bronze Woman Halloween costume, just make sure to get creative and add your own style!

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