Bug Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Bug Halloween Costume Ideas

Squish! Do you ever feel like the world is stepping all over you and there's nothing you can do to stop it? Well, you can finally look the part with an awesome bug Halloween costume. Here's how to put it together:

Gross Cockroach

Gross Cockroach Costume

Nobody likes cockroaches, with their feathery little legs that crawl over the food that you leave out, and their long antennas feeling you up at night while you sleep. Pay respect to these hardy creatures while giving your friends the willies with a cockroach costume.

First, get a headband with some long, wispy antennas. You can usually find this online. Next, find a black bodysuit and get some black or dark brown fabric. Cut the fabric into the shape of wings and sew it onto the bodysuit. There you have a simple cockroach; if you want to super-size your bug costume, simply go bigger with a Madagascar hissing cockroach and hiss at the guest you don't like.

Jumping Grasshopper

For this costume you will need a primarily green outfit. Wear a long sleeve green shirt and tight-fitting green sweatpants. Also wear green shoes. I recommend Crocs for their bright green color and comfortability. Using thick, light green tape purchased from a local hardware store, place for strips horizontally across your stomach and chest. This will create the thorax of the grasshopper.

Next, using light green construction or cardboard paper, cut out the legs of the grasshopper. I recommend tracing the desired shape into the paper and then cutting it out. Using a small band of elastic, create a "loop" for your hands to fit in. Additionally, you should use the green construction paper to create a hat which will function as the round head of the grasshopper. Grasshoppers are known for their large eyes - you can either cut out large yellow circles of construction paper or wear some bright yellow contacts.

Annoying Fly

Fly Bug Costume

Flies are also gross to most people, but lack the creepiness of cockroaches. For a fly costume, you can follow a similar pattern to the cockroach costume, but swap a pair of transparent pre-made wings instead of black or brown ones. You can also don a fly mask, similar to the one in the original horror movie The Fly. Alternatively, you can just wear compound eye glasses.

Pretty Ladybug

Lady Bug Costume

If you want something a bit more feminine and pleasant, why not a ladybug? Get a headband with short, cute antennas. You can buy a pre-made ladybug costume, or you can make one yourself out of spotted fabric. Even wearing a red coat that has black spots might work if you don't want to get fancy with it.


Dragon Fly Costume

This one is rather delicate in nature. To start, wear a tight-fitting blue (sparkly if possible) body-con dress. Otherwise, you can wear a bluish green skirt with black stockings underneath. Next, you want to purchase a very light, translucent blue fabric (I recommend checking out the curtain or fabric section of Home Depot.

Cut out a large portion of the fabric in the shape of a wing and adhere it to the triceps of the outfit. Whenever you raise your arms, people will see the majestic wings of the dragonfly. If you show up to your next gathering dressed as a spooky bug, you will most certainly give your friends the creeps!

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