Butcher Halloween Costume Ideas

Bloody Butcher Costume Ideas

What's scarier than an expert slicing up flesh and bone with great precision? What if this individual turned insane and now wants to carve up Halloween partygoers? Shock your friends with a butcher Halloween costume and be the life of the party.

• Clothing

To start, you will need a white apron, typical of all butchers. This can be found at any local grocery store, but you may even have one in your kitchen already. The butcher will usually wear an apron to stop the spraying of blood from getting too messy, but this Halloween, the more blood the better. Now, it's time to let everyone know that you are indeed a deranged individual.

Additionally, you can get as creative as you'd like with your pants as well, but most butchers tend to where black cargo pants, but any type of longer pair of pants would suffice. Regarding footwear, you are likely to see butchers wearing calf-high or knee-high waterproof rain boots. The reason being is that they're likely to be trudging through a floor soaked in blood.

• Blood

Utilizing a red marker, strawberry syrup, or another form of fake blood, drizzle all along the apron to create the idea that you have been slicing up animal and maybe human flesh all day. Keep in mind the image above includes a shirtless butcher, but feel free to wear a long sleeve shirt under the apron for more cloth to drizzle blood upon. For a more sophisticated yet murderous butcher, you can wear a button-down shirt to go for a devious "American Psycho" look.


A meat cleaver is usually the most fitting weapon for a butcher, but you can wield whatever you want. Feel free to carry a knife, fake chainsaw, mallet, hammer, meat hook, etc. You can find almost all of these fake weapons at a Halloween store or on Amazon.

Additionally, any murderous butcher is likely to be carrying around some freshly chopped flesh - human fingers, slabs of meat, etc. These can also be found at a Halloween store. Just purchase a fake hand or fake dog-toy T-bone steak and saturate it in some fake blood to make it appear as though it has just been sliced. So, there you have it, advice for your very own DIY butcher costume!

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