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Pumpkin Carving Made Easy

Halloween would not be complete without the warm glow of a carved pumpkin glimmering from the front stoop or inside the windows. Nevertheless, the family tradition of carving out a plump, orange pumpkin has evolved significantly over the years.

• Finding The Right Pumpkin

The jack-o-lantern has become an absolute art form, with stunning new designs. And with the few steps below you will be able to carve one of the best Halloween pumpkins this holiday.

The first sept is to find the perfect pumpkin at the store. The best pumpkin is median to large size healthy, well-rounded pumpkin. Be sure to buy your pumpkin way in advance so you will be able to find the perfect one.

• Getting The Right Carving Tools

Though some people hang onto their traditional knife and spoons, there are some gadgets that'll make the job absolutely easier. I recommend you to grab a pumpkin carving kit if you want to get the best result.

With carving tools in hand, the best approach is to do this project outdoor. For example, the backyard patio is the perfect spot incase thing get messy. Be sure to cover your work surface area with a flattened brown paper grocery bag or any form of coverage you don't mind condemning after the project.

• Cut A Hole In The Pumpkin

The success of your carving depends solely on the pumpkin you are using, so make sure have the perfect pumpkin. Use a sharp knife or serrated blade to cut off the top. Slice through the pumpkin at a 45-degree inward angle, to enable you replace the lid without it falling in.

Ensure that the crown is wide enough, so you can scoop out pulp, flesh, and seeds with a fleshing tool or plaster scraper. Also, remember to wipe off the outside of the pumpkin using the kitchen towel so that it will be easier and safer to carve.

• Carving The Pumpkin

Before you get carving, always remember to draw your design (carving idea) on the pumpkin using a marker pen. To make your lantern look even more professional, draw a paper template, and then affix it to the pumpkin. (You can also download templates online). Then use a sharp pointed tool, like a T-pin or an ice pick to trace the design by poking holes around it so the paper can be removed.

• Light Your pumpkin

To light up a carved pumpkin, string lights are more preferable to candles for many designs. Coil a strand of 20 lights around a glass jar, tape the wire securely and in case you're using a candle, place it in a glass or votive holder. Cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin for the cord, or for ventilation (if using a candle).

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