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Black Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween right around the corner, it's a time to start planning a cool Halloween costumes for you or your family. However, instead of going out and spending a small fortune on a costume, take some time on your day off to make a costume. Below is an idea for simple black cat Halloween costume to make at home.

What to Wear

Black cats are associated with witches and the like, and the cat woman costume is flexible, it can be any color you want, or any kind of cat you can think of. For this costume you'll need a pair of black leggings, preferably thick if you live in a colder area. If you prefer something a little less revealing, a basic pair of black pants will suffice.

A simple black shirt is an absolute essential to the cat outfit. Depending if you want to be sexy, or if it's for a younger kid, the shirt will bring the entire idea together. Some will prefer a simple long sleeved shirt, others a tee-short or tank top. If going with a savanna cat such as a leopard, get a shirt that you can paint or draw leopard spots on. Or if you are lucky, buy a shirt with animal spots on it already.

The ideal shirt for a cat Halloween costume is one that is a bit tight, but fits you well. It does not need to feel as if you are encasing yourself in a suit of suffocating armor. A corset is a cute idea for someone feeling a but risky, and going to a more adult themed Halloween costume party.

Shoes And Accessories - Next, procure some black shoes, anything from black boots to cute flats can go with the theme. Wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Just be sure it's a pair that you can walk in, and is weather appropriate. Some cute or quirky pieces of jewelry can also go well with the black cat Halloween costume. Accessorize as you see fit.

Make Up

Makeup can come in many different styles, depending on the wearer. If you go with a Gothic kitty look, or an adorable kitten, use paint or eyeliner to put whiskers and a nose on your face. No matter what, you will be the cats meow.

A cat with a darker attitude will want to put on bolder black eyeliner. Perhaps some black lipstick will even complete the look. Maybe even a few scars. Cats with a happier demeanor can use less makeup, and more pink. Do not make it to dark.

Whether you are going with this costume, or you are still wanting to look elsewhere, making your own costume is a fun change of pace. It is also a good way to save some money. Most folks will have most of the basics for any costume already laying around the house. Happy Halloween!

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