Cleopatra Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Cleopatra Costume Ideas

A Cleopatra costume is an excellent choice for Halloween. You can begin with a basic dress and glam it up with some jewelry. Before you know it, you will be transformed into a gorgeous queen of the Nile.

• Getting Started

Look for a sleeveless, ankle-length dress and it should be in gold or white in color (a nightgown can work perfectly). Make your belt using a sash, and then spare the fabric that remains. Tie it around your waist, and then knot it in the front while allowing one end to hang.

Pull out a rectangular aluminum foil measuring five inches wide and twelve inches long. Use it to make a tight tube by rolling it lengthwise. Wrap, this tube around your arm's upper part, to create a bracelet.

Make sure you maintain its shape when taking it off. Cut out sixteen aluminum foil pieces measuring one inch wide by three inches long. Cut another two-inch wide strip that can circle your head. Paint all your aluminum foil pieces with gold spray paint and allow it to dry.

• Hair

Purchase a black wig which is straight and ensure it fit your shoulder length. Braid various sections framing the face, preferably four for each side. Wrap them using aluminum foil on the ends. Wrap other pieces about halfway up the braids. Wrap a long piece of the foil around your crown.

• Makeup

Apply heavy makeup. Ensure you pay close attention to your eye makeup, and don't forget to include your black liquid eyeliner around your eyes. You should extend it to about a half an inch towards the outside of your eyes. This should resemble the cats' eyes. You should complete your costume with strap gold heels or sandals.

• Accessories

You can buy costume jewelry relatively cheap online, however if your the creative type you can created your own jewelry by using poster board. For example, cut a poster board into a large circle that has a hollow center including an opening at the back to be used for the necklace. Use the gold paint to spray it and allow it to dry. Use poster paints and your smallest paintbrush to paint some squares that will represent gemstones on your necklace.

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