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Clergy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween may be considered by some to be the unholiest of nights, but that doesn't mean that you can't get in touch with your spiritual side anyway! If you're looking to put together a clergy Halloween costume this year, here are some ideas on how to get started:

Priest Costume

Priests are often the butt of jokes these days, but that just goes to show that there is often a thin line between what is sacred and what is funny. You can buy a pre-made priest costume, but it's also not too hard to make, since those who do the Lord's work often don simple garb. Start with a black frock and some black shoes. If you want to wear a dark shirt and some pants under that, it's up to you, but it's somewhat optional, especially if you tend to get overheated! Find a way to emulate the iconic white collar if you can. Last, throw a rosary or a chain with a wooden cross around your neck and grab a copy of the holy book as an accessory.

Nun Costume

How much effort does it take to put together a good clergy costume? Nun! Just like the priest costume, nuns are pretty easy. For a classic nun, get a nice dark frock that covers your whole body; this will serve as the nun's habit.

Next, get a dark head cover to lay over your hair for the nun's veil. You might also want to wrap your head in white fabric (technically called a coif) underneath the veil. You can also buy a pre-made costume if you don't feel like finding the individual components. Like the priest, grab a holy rosary and a copy of the Bible to finish off the look. Ready to go to church this Halloween? Try a clergy Halloween costume and make everyone at the party laugh!

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