The Shack

As the storm rages a thick veil of mist masks the face of the cliffs. A massive wave hits the jagged rocks and pulls an elderly couple towards a watery grave. The foundations of the shack atop the mound of earth were barely enough to keep the building from a similar fate.

That evening, many eyewitness reports swore that they saw the residents of the building descend into the ocean, only to be grasped by a tainted black fist and thrust back into the building, seconds before the land around the premises crashed into the sea with an almighty, deafening roar.

As the storm dies, and the mist lifted, the cabin was left on a desolate needle of land that forked out from the dark waters below. Many a search team frantically looked for the suspected survivors, though it was eventually ruled that the divine hand of fate had been nothing more than an optical illusion caused by the darkened fog and wind. Even if a couple had survived the initial storm, they would have long met their untimely death with a lack of supplies by now, anyway.

The story was pushed to the back of the newspapers, and after a few weeks, had dropped from the minds of the town's people. Besides, it appeared that nobody really knew the couple; they keep to themselves. Yet something peculiar began to happen months after the incident; The horrid weather continued to attack the little seaside settlement, filling the skies with thick, unbreakable curtains of black fog.

If one was to venture onto the cliff-side trails on the outskirts of the town, they would more than likely report a set of flicking fog-lights slicing through the mist from the precise spot where the abandoned house balanced on the tattered cliffs, almost as if it was a signal of distress.

Yet another search team was sent to the location once the eye of the storm had passed, yet again they found nothing more than an empty building. That was, until the wretched, writhed remains of two individuals were found nestled amongst the rubble. But how could that be? The bodies had more than a month's worth of decomposition, and the distress signal had been spotted no more than twenty-four hours previously.

More eerie, was the fact that despite the burial of the couple, and the inaccessibility of the building, light flickered from what appeared to be a set of lanterns beside the cracked walls of the ruins. Some say that the illusion really had been a divine intervention, saving the couple from falling to the sea, though others argue that something slightly more sinister was afoot.

Perhaps some dark magic had bound their souls to the foundations of their now decaying little shack, and that each passing storm only acted as nourishment for a darkened spirit that is slowly growing in strength. The truth? Nobody quite knows... Other than the fact that the distress signal re-appears once every year, without fail, on the same night; The 31st of October.

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