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Psychotic Clown Halloween Costume Ideas

Clowns are artists whose art inspires viewers to think and laugh. We have all seen clowns on TV, on stage or in the circus. Clowns are focused on non-verbal communication and performance. They usually were large clothes, makeup and wigs. Another thing that makes them special is their silly behavior.

The first circus clown appeared in the late 18th century. When it comes to psychotic and evil clowns it is difficult to tell when these costumes and artists appeared, but one thing is for sure, there are some really great psychotic clown Halloween costume ideas and I will share some of them.

Killer Clown

Just like in the case of any other psycho clown costume idea, you will need to pay special attention to the make-up. You will need dark or black eye shadow, black eyeliner, black, red and white face paint. If you really want to spice up things you can also wear special contact lenses. You must cover your neck and face with white color and apply black eyeliner and eye shadow around the eyes. Make sure that the form around your eyes is irregular.

In addition, use red paint color on your nose and around your mouth (create a big mouth) and paint scary twisted teeth. You can use any type of colorful wig. Your clothes don't have to be special to wear a pair of black jeans and a white top with green or red shoes. You can also buy a special clown jacket from a costume shop. Don't forget to add some fake blood on your clothes or on your face.

Creepo the Clown

Creepo the clown is one of the main characters introduced in the Scare House, a haunted attraction in Pennsylvania. In order to look like Creepo the Clown you will first need to get a rainbow wig. After that you can paint your face like a typical clown, but pay attention to the eyes and mouth. You should make an evil smile with pointy teeth using red and white color. You will need a full jumpsuit used by clowns in red and black color. In addition, you can hold a plastic baton in your hand.

Twisted clown

Unleash your imagination and make a costume that is quite different than an ordinary clown costume used on Halloween. The twisted clown should wear red pants and black sleeveless shirt with suspenders. Feel free to hold a cigar in your hand. Add few big buttons in different colors on your shirt. Put a multicolor tie and focus on your face. Paint it white and don't use wig if you are bald, if you are not try to cover your hair with some white covering. Make your teeth look rotten.

There are many movies featuring deranged, psychotic clowns and we will mention some of them, Poltergeist, Clownhouse, It, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Batman etc. Check these movies and use the clown costumes from these movies as an inspiration. Don't be afraid to make experiments.

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