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Ghostly Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Being a couple has many benefits, and one of the best ones is being able to wear a themes Halloween costume. Sure, maybe people will roll their eyes, but you can also scare them out of their wits if you do it right. This Halloween, why not dress up as a ghostly costume? Here's the break-down:


You'll both need dusty, pale makeup, since you're ghosts. For the husband, cover your hair and beard (If you have one) with powder and that should be enough to convey the message. You can paint on some wrinkles as well, or add some scary prosthetics. For the wife, cover yourself with the same pale powder, but add some exaggerated lipstick and mascara. The contrast with be unnerving. You can also allow the mascara to run in black streaks down your face.


The clothes will depend on what era the both of you are from. If you're from a modern age, go to a thrift store and find some recently-donated clothes. Cover it in the same dust as the rest of your bodies to give it that dead look. If you want something a bit more classic, you can make your own period costumes or buy them online. Give them the same treatment and make them look as ancient as you can.

You can also tear up the clothes or add blood in imply how these ghostly figures ultimately died. Are you looking for a couples costume that will keep you together even in the afterlife? Try the bearded husband and the scared face wife as a great ghost Halloween costume set this year.

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