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Cowboy Halloween Costume Ideas

Western cowboys are loved by boys and young teens today just like they were over one hundred years ago. They like to watch animated series, movies and play games featuring cowboys. This passion continues even when they become teenagers and adults. If you like cowboys, Halloween might be the best occasion to show that. By wearing a cowboy Halloween costume, you will make your or your kid(s) look fantastic. The following is a list of some Western Cowboy Halloween costume ideas.

Rodeo Cowboy

Rodeo is a contest or exhibition in which cowboys show their knowledge and skill at roping calves, riding broncos and much more. This is a very popular activity even today when we live in a digital world. If you want to make this costume you need pant chaps that include white and brown splotches. This is a similar design to the pattern found in marked ponies. In addition, you need a black or dark brown vest that come with small fringes in the lower part of the vest. Additional decorations can be placed on the pockets close to the chest. Of course, you will need matching hat and a traditional bandanna.

Elegant Cowboy

Another good idea for western cowboy costume is the so-called Elegant cowboy costume. Elegancy usually requires simplicity, so it won't take much before you create this costume. First of all, you need a pair of black boots. After that, you can use a pair of dark denim jeans or black jeans. On top of that you should use a dark or completely shirt with pockets. It would be nice to use a shirt with white lining and metal buttons. Don't forget the black belt and the black cowboy hat.

John Wayne Classic

John Wayne was one of the most famous actors in the western movie genre. The main piece of clothing for this costume is the dark brown or black duster jacket which is frequently used in westerns. This jacket allowed cowboys to sleep outside without any problems even when the weather was cold. In addition, it protected from dust and dirt. Another characteristic of this costume is the button vest which comes in a lighter brown color and a beautiful brown belt. The red bandana is a must and you can wear it over your face in case it's windy. Don't forget the cowboy hat too.

Woody (From Toy Story)

This is an excellent costume for kids, teens and adults because people of all ages love Toy Story and one of the main characters, Woody. A list of things that you will need to get that perfect Woody appearance is brown cowboy boots, blue jeans, yellow shirt, vest with a cow print on it, brown belt, red bandana and brown hat. Remember to be polite and positive because these are some of the characteristics of Woody. There are dozens of other popular Western cowboy characters, so you can make some other experiments too.

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