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Disturbing Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween can be a time of lighthearted fun, but there are those of us who have a flair for the dramatic and take this holiday a lot more seriously than most people. After all, what other time of the year do you get to dress up like a crazed serial killer or a grotesque character from your favorite horror movie without seeming out of place?

If you want to go for realism and gore, Halloween is the best time of the year to try out your most disturbing costumes. So why not go for an extremely dark Halloween costume this year instead of settling for a fairy princess? It's time to not only scare the heck out of your friends, but to emotionally scar them for life as well. Here are some extremely disturbing ideas for your guilty pleasure:

Pinhead (From Hell Raiser)

A disturbing movie in and of itself, you may want to bring the master of sadism himself to life with your Halloween costume. Pinhead represents primordial pain, something that is present in all of us, and so is extremely disturbing to most people. Worse, Pinhead embodies the act of reveling in torture, a mixture of sadism and masochism that is bound to make the people around you wince.

For an effective pinhead costume, you're going to need a mask. Make sure that it is high-quality and realistic, or else it's not going to be nearly as scary as its film counterpart. Next, find a black frock like the one he wears in Hellraiser, ideally with a chest-plate portion that displays the pieces of torn flesh on his body.

Barbed Wire Body / Duck Tape Body Rap

A barbed wire body is another costume with a disturbing appearance. For this costume wear a tattered white shirt with realistically looking blood stains. Rap fake barbed wire rope around your body and your good to go. To make things more disturbing, wear a realistic zombie mask with a fierce looking barbed wire around the head.

Duck tape body rap simply looks like a mummy or a crazy person rapped in silver color duct tape. This costume can be made at home using lots of silver color duct tape. Wrapping duck tape haphazardly around the body defiantly looks strange and disturbing.

Wolf Head, Pig Head And Horse Head Mask

These masks come in various shaped and sizes and with different scary levels. For the most part, these mask are made of latex, so the wearer finds it easy to use. Most mask are sold separately, however you can add other body parts like gloves and extra fur, especially to the wolf head, to increase the creepiness of the costume.

Dark Latex Pig Mask (From American Horror Story)

Have you seen American Horror Story: Roanoke? It's a story of torture, cannibalism, and human misery. It's an extremely disturbing show and it's certainly not for everyone. This is what makes it perfect for a extremely dark and disturbing Halloween costume. You don't have to look too far these days to find masks that represent all of the freaks from this popular series. In lieu of an actual pig's head, find a grotesque pig mask, especially one that has some tusks hanging out.

Next, throw on a white shirt and some overalls that look worn. Smear yourself with fake blood. You're a country bumpkin cannibal on the lookout for sweet human flesh, so you need to look the part. Look hungry.

Headless Horseman

Since you're probably not looking to get decapitated anytime soon, you're going to need to plan your costume carefully to achieve this effect. One way to do it is to build the upper part of your costume as a large torso that you can hide in. Simply make the horseman taller than you, and you can duck down into your suit. For more realism, leave a fake, prosthetic neck in the hole of the collar. Make sure to make imperceivable slits in the front so that you can see where you are going. Add a sword or a pumpkin head if you're going for a Sleepy Hollow style.

Mental Illness Costume

Some people refer this costume to be inappropriate saying it represents an illness. However, these costumes can create a really disturbing appearance with the chains around the body, the wires attached to the body and particularly with the mask (probably a Frankenstein-type one). These costumes general come either in orange or white (with some blood stains). Using creativity, people do various additions (like realistic blood stains, make-ups etc.) to these costumes and make them more disturbing.

Ready to creep everyone out this Halloween and never get invited to their parties ever again? Put together one of these extremely disturbing Halloween costumes and hear their screams of terror as you walk through the door.

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