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Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

It is always fun to dress up your dog when it comes to Halloween because you can truly unleash your creativity. Have you ever wondered how would your pet look in a pirate costume or a cowboy costume? Well, this is the right time to check. There are many people who dress their pets as some other animals. For example, they put a horse costume on their dog. If you want your pet to look more serious you can buy a tuxedo from your local costume store.

Of course, you can also use some popular TV character and make them even cuter. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Batman or some animated movies can certainly provide some good ideas. Don't forget to use some accessories like belts, hats or shoes to make them look more attractive.

The truth is that some of these costumes are more suitable for certain dog breeds. For example, you can try a Joker costume on your boxer or bulldog. They sure look like naughty dogs and they are very active so a Joker costume really suits them. Pin-striped pants, red tie, vest and attention grabbing dress shirt are all the things you'll need for this costume. If you want to improve the effects, you can also use a crazy wig.

It is also fun to dress your dog as a prisoner. Many people associate prisoners with danger and they are scared of them and this type of costume will definitely make your innocent doggie look rough. Find stripped clothing or a simple orange jumpsuit and if it is possible attach a chain and a ball to the costume.

Remember your pet is family and their comfort is important. As a result, don't squeeze your pet into a costume that's too tight, a loose fitting outfit is best. (Of course not too lose, whereby your pet can shake out of it.) Finally, Halloween is about having fun and a great costume can help you achieve that.

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