Doll House Costume Ideas

Dolls can be both creepy and beautiful, sometimes at the same time. This means they can make for a pretty great Halloween costume concept. Not only that, they can also be really easy to create, as long as you know what you need.

Barbie Doll

Barbie is an insanely iconic doll brand, with all manner of merchandise and even television media. This makes the costume both recognizable and easy to pull together, because it's so variable. Almost any outfit worn by a Barbie at any point can count for this costume, but the most common choices are the Workout Barbie in a yoga outfit, or Barbie in a pink skirt and top.

For either, finding the clothes will be extremely easy, as will most Barbie costumes since she wore basically whatever, whenever. Makeup, if desired, is pretty easy, too. Some light blush and highlights for the eyes will do, but if you want to go more detailed, colored contacts exist, and lipstick colors are wide ranging.

Rag Doll

Raggedy Ann may not be as insanely well known as Barbie, but it's still a popular brand in its own right. This costume is a little more involved due to the specific clothing and a need for a wig. Raggedy Ann has short, curly red hair made from string, so a wig is definitely advised.

Fortunately, premade wigs in that style shouldn't be hard to find, as it remains a poplar costume choice. The clothes have changed over the years, but a light or dark blue dress with red polka dots is ideal. If you can't find such an outfit, you might have to make one, so take that into account.

For the finishing touches, some red striped stockings and a white apron will finish the look. Makeup is pretty minimal, but you can get a little more detailed if you like. Red lipstick is the basic, but some freckles - redheads do not tan well - and maybe some blush will work as well. The details have changed through time, but you will be easily recognized regardless.

Creepy Doll

While dolls can be very pretty, they can also be unsettling. The uncanny valley of their human appearance, yet not quite human shape or proportions, can make for a very creepy appearance. To go with this creep factor as a doll, consider some of the famous haunted and murderous dolls in folklore and film media.

You don't have to use them as a costume, though that is an option, but it can give you an idea. An uncanny doll for a costume can be done as an easy costume with some makeup to appear partially melted or broken, maybe with some bloody clothes for an extra creep factor. This costume relies a lot on your imagination and what you consider creepy, so go nuts.

Cracked Doll

Finally, we have the "Cracked Doll" costume. Similar to the other doll costumes, the clothes of this costume are of less importance than the facial makeup and accessories. For this one, the intended effect is a porcelain doll face that has, unfortunately, been cracked in some way.

To start, apply a layer of white foundation to create the idea that you are pure white porcelain. Next, using black face paint, draw thin lines across your face wherever you envision cracks occurring. Using gray face paint, outline the black paint with gray, furthering the "crack" effect. Repeat this process on all cracks, and you have a delicate, damaged, porcelain doll face.

Dolls make great costumes because the needed materials are widely available, but some work is still needed to get it right, but that's part of the fun. Whether you go for the basics or make an intricate recreation of a specific doll's image, if you have fun in the process, that's what counts.

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