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Dracula / Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

In the past few years, vampires have kind of lost their luster, unfortunately. These days, they're seen as more sexy than scary, so why not do your part to bring back the image of the evil, powerful dark vampire that people should actually be afraid of?

In a world that has forgotten Dracula in favor of Twilight, you can bare your fangs and hiss at strangers like vampires were meant to. Here are a few approaches that you can take with a dark Halloween vampire costume that is actually scary:

Bloody Dracula

Sure, Dracula is supposed to be as seductive and alluring as he is scary, but he's probably more the latter when he's covered in the remains of his last meal. Put together a classic Dracula costume with elements that you can buy at a party store, and get some fake blood.

After you've finished doing your creepy makeup, squirt the blood everywhere, all over your costume. Have it dripping out of your mouth and down your chin.

Gross? Disturbing? You bet, but this is what vampires are supposed to be. They are blood-thirsty creatures of the night and nobody should forget this. These are dark Halloween costume ideas that we're going for here, so there's going to be some bloodshed.

Giant Vampire Bat

Have your ever run screaming down the streets at night while bats swooped down all around you? It can be an unsettling experience, even if they are usually more interested in mosquitoes than they are in you.

Lots of people are creeped out by these "rats with wings," and so dressing up as a vampire with no human consciousness. one that exists in real life may just be what the occasion calls for.

There are a few different routes you can take with this costume. One is the minimalistic and less scary one, and one is the more expensive and creepier one. For the cheaper version, you'll need some latex bat ears and some basic skill with makeup. After you paint your face, add some fangs and a pair of black wings from the party store.

For the more expensive and creepier version, you'll have to do some searching. Find a bat mask, the more detailed, more disturbing and especially go for one if it includes hair. Next you will need a furry body suit and some brown wings, both of which you should be able to find online.

Edward From Twilight

Nothing scares some people more than the prospect of having to watch Twilight. Trigger these deep-rooted fears of teen vampire novel-based chick flicks by dressing up like Edward Cullen. All you have to do is make your face look slightly too pale and have the same brooding look on your face all the time.

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