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Zany Drag Queen Costume Ideas

With the success of media personalities such as RuPaul, the art of female impersonation is as popular as ever. Even if you don't care much for performance art, Halloween is a fun time to try out wacky ideas, and dressing in drag is certainly among them.

• Hair

The first part of any drag queen costume must be the hair. Wearing a large, exaggerated wig is practically synonymous with drag. The bigger the hair, the better. If you feel that the wig you got at the party store is too flat, you can stuff some socks underneath to make a "bump." Try a bright, eye-catching hair color as well, such as red.

• Clothes

If you haven't noticed already, "female impersonation" is something of a misnomer because drag queens don't typically dress like everyday women. They are essentially caricatures, and that's what makes them fun.

To that end, your clothes should be big and exaggerated as well. Wear a wide, puffy dress with pink frills. Have a neckline so low that it exposes most of your hairy chest and "cleavage." Keep an eye out for clothes like this at the thrift store.

• Shoes

Similar to clothes, go for something overtly feminine. If you can manage it, find some impossibly high heels and saunter around in those. Not only will you stand out as a zany drag queen, you will tower over everyone else at the party.

• Makeup

Drag queen makeup varies, depending on what sort of queen you're looking to embody, but it is usually very loud and exaggerated. At the very least, wear some ruby red lipstick and some eyeshadow. You might even try putting on fake eyelashes like your grandmother used to.

• Chest

It's up to you whether you want to wear some fake breasts. Though you can buy "enhancement" online, a couple of water balloons will also do the trick. Just be careful that they don't pop! A drag queen costume can be a lot of fun, so give it a try this Halloween!

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