Egyptian Halloween Costume Ideas

The culture and mythology of ancient Egypt has grabbed Hollywood with its mummies, curses, and clothes. The simple yet elegant clothes of a desert region can make for some alluring costumes that not only look great but offer some fun customization options.


The Egyptian gods tended to have either heads or body parts of animals related to their role. Anubis, is the god of death, and had the head of a jackal. For the costume you'll need a costume jackal head, which might be tricky to find. Fortunately Egyptian stuff is pretty popular, so with some digging it should be doable. You may want to make one, too, but if so take that into account regarding timing and weight.

As for the clothes, some elegant cotton in tan or white will work perfectly. The Egyptians wore skirt-like clothes regardless of gender for easy air flow, so that's a good start. you can go shirtless or not depending on decorum and the occasion, too. Also, as a god, a staff of some sort might not be a bad idea.

Egyptian Couple

Couple costumes can be great fun, since you can personalize the costumes and make them to compliment or contrast each other, depending on personal preference. Cotton clothes in a style similar to Ancient Egypt might be tricky to find, but the design is simple enough you could probably modify some old clothes from a thrift store if needed.

Costume clothes tend not to be very comfortable or breathable, if you can find them, but they will give you some good ideas. Makeup can be up to personal preference, but some eye shadow wouldn't be out of the question, because again, desert.

For footwear, some sturdy sandals will work best. When it comes to jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are all options for both members of the couple. Remember that, in Ancient Egypt, silver was considered more valuable than gold, so the jewelry pieces should reflect that. Plenty of costume jewelry is available in the market, so feel free to have fun with your options. Silver will work well here for complimenting the eye shadow and any other dark makeup options, as well as the lighter colored clothing this costume prefers.

As to more gender specific styles, women may want to wear some fancy, revealing tops to accentuate their curves. You could also go the fancy jewelry-bra-style route to further emphasize your looks. The dress should be simple, elegant, and comfortable to move in, with some room to showcase your legs if you like. The same goes for men, since the Egyptian style skirts might not be what you're used to wearing.

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