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Evil Clown Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is all about clowning around, but what happens when good clowns go bad? Many people are secretly a little bit afraid of these sideshow performers, so exploiting that unease and dressing up as an evil clown might be a great idea this season, especially if you don't mind giving people nightmares. Here are the elements for a simple costume:


Clowns often have wacky hair. Something brightly-colored or even rainbow might be perfect. If you want to be extra disturbing, you could make the hair look faded in color or like it came off someone else's scalp. Spread pieces of fake flesh and fake blood among the strands.


Get a clown makeup kit or, if you can't find or afford one, just borrow your mom's makeup and do your best with it. The rule of thumb is that clowns don't show any human skin, so you're going to want to cover your entire face, preferably with a white base. The design that you make on top of that is up to you, but make sure it gives you a sinister expression.


Get yourself a brightly-colored clown suit. Depending on your style of clown, this will vary of course, so take a look at a few options from your local party store. If you're going for the whole gory killer clown thing, stain the suit with some fake blood here and there.


Some balloons will add to the creepiness. If you want to pay homage to Pennywise, you can also get a nice set of pointy teeth to wear. Drizzle some fake blood on them if you do.

Evil clowns may be a cliché these days, but they're still a scary clich. Consider embodying this nightmare character for Halloween and watch the traumatized masses run from you.

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