Evita Peron Halloween Costume Ideas

Evita Peron Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most influential women in modern history is former First Lady of Argentina, Evita Peron. Since marrying President Juan Peron, she has become a globally renowned figure of pop culture, with many people admiring her fashion, ideologies, and larger than life personality.

• Wedding Day

To recreate the iconic 1940s chignon hairstyle by curling the ends of your hair with hot rollers and lightly spraying some hairspray to hold it. Pull the lower/back section of your hair into a high bun.

Next, buy a white or cream-colored women's suit at a local department store, and be sure to wear dress shoes, either black or white will work. Be sure to carry around with you a bouquet of flowers and a spring hat. For makeup, apply a thin layer of foundation, some eyeliner, and a delicate red lipstick to recreate Evita's porcelain doll look.

• Blue Dress

Another popular outfit of Evita's was her voluptuous blue dress. For this costume we'll start with the hair. Be sure to slick it back into a ponytail, using extra gel to keep the sides pressed against the scalp.

Follow a similar makeup pattern as described above, with only delicate colors and thin application. Purchase a large blue dress with silk frills and clear straps. For accessories, you can carry around flowers or even a purse. Evita was famous for her tiaras, large necklaces, and fashionable earrings, so don't be afraid to get creative with your jewelry choices. If you are attending a costume party with a partner, perhaps he can dress as Juan Peron, the former President of Argentina, in the royal garb.

• Floral Dress

Another famous image of Evita is her floral dress. Be sure to wear white open-toed dress shoes, a floral-patterned dress with elbow-length sleeves, and a large white spring hat. Accessorize with a large, shining silver watch and large flowers in the hair bun.

Evita always had some type of floral representation in her costumes, whether it was a flower pinned to her collar, and bouquet in her hands, or a few petals interwoven into her hair. Like Evita, you too can exercise your creativity and experiment with various outfits.

What is perhaps best about this costume is its versatility. Evita was an incredibly diverse fashion icon that never just had one "style," However, she did have her trademarks: The delicate makeup, the fashion-forward hair, the mesmerizing dresses. If you can try your best to capture the magic of Evita Peron, you will definitely be the First Lady of your next Halloween party.

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