Exorcist Halloween Cosutme Ideas

The Exorcist Halloween Costume Ideas

In the 1973 horror film masterpiece, The Exorcist, the main charter, "Regan" transformation into evil is one of film's most iconic images. A costumes based on this movie is sure to make you the talk at any Halloween party.


Of course, whenever someone is possessed by an evil spirit, there is going to be a priest nearby if you have any hope of reclaiming the innocent soul. To start, you will need to wear a pair of black khakis or dress pants and black shoes. Remember, a priest is a professional clergyman, so you will need a long black cloak that falls down below the knees.

Most priests wear a white cloth draped over both shoulders; if need be, you can easily use a white towel to create the same effect. Perhaps the most important part of the priest's costume is the patented white collar. It may be wise to wear a white dress shirt underneath the robe, allowing the collar to be exposed. You can also purchase a small white collar from any Halloween store. To finish up with accessories, carry a medium-sized wooden cross and a pair of rosary beads draped over your praying hands.

In the film, the priest takes quite a beating from the evil Regan, so don't be afraid to mark yourself up with some fake wounds. In one part, Regan even throws up on his face. If you're up for it, you can put some fake throw up (pea soup) on your costume.

Victim (Regan)

Although Regan, (Linda Blair) was a young girl in the movie, you can be any age to audition for this costume. To start, you will need to wear a white nightgown (remember, Regan was relaxing in bed when she began to transform).

Given that the priest attempted to tie her to the headboard of the bed, you can accessorize with some torn and ripped apart cloth wrapped around your wrists. Be sure to dirty up the nightgown with some pea soup to imitate throw up and some blood to reference the people Regan has already killed.

• Head

Wear a brunette, shoulder-length wig with bangs in the front. Next is perhaps the trickiest part, the demonic face. Start with a layer of gray paint or makeup that completely encompasses the face. Using black eyeshadow, apply a thin layer to the cheeks and under the eyes. Regan has not slept for days, as she has been trying to fight off the infection of the demon Pazuzu.

• Wounds

Next, use red eyeliner to create cuts/wounds on the cheek and forehead. Regan is under great physical strain in an attempt to stave off the possession, and her body is falling apart. To really enhance the demonic effect, purchase a pair of green contacts, as this will surely frighten those around you.

Undoubtedly, The Exorcist is widely regarded as the scariest film of all time. If you can pull off one of the above costumes, you will surely be the main talking point of any party you attend.

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