Family Guy Costume Ideas

Everybody likes to stand out in the crowd specially when its Halloween. This year, try something completely different by dressing up as one of the family Guy characters. Here's how to put the costume together by family member:

• Peter

If you're a skinny guy and planning to dress up as peter, you need work on your abdomen area. You need pillow stuffing or cushion to place underneath the dress shirt so that you can come up with the bulging tummy look.

After you've managed to make a large stomach look, you need something to cover that up. A white shirt is best and don't forget to roll-up the sleeves halfway. Complete the look were green pants, brown shoe and a gold belt buckle. If you want an even more authentic look, you can always look for a Peter Griffin bobble head mask. That should make things perfect.

• Brian

Now there are two ways to get the Brian look. Firstly you can use a Brian bobble head mask. Secondly, you can make dog ears by cutting a t-shirt or a peace of shiny paper.

After you've made the ears, you need to wear a red collar. As far as the clothes are concerned, you need to wear all white it can be trouser or shirt or pant and shirt. Lastly, you need to make dog like nose and you're good to go.

• Meg

In order to dress up as Meg, all you need is a pink beanie and a pink t shirt. With that, you can simply wear blue jeans and white sneakers. Lastly, you need to wear round glasses to get that perfect Meg Griffin look.

• Lois

All you need to get the Lois look is a green button up and a short hair orange wig. With that, you need to wear khaki pants and pink flats. In order to give the final touch, you need to wear bright red lipstick.

• Stewie

You either love him or hate him. However with that being said, you don't need much for this one. All you have to do is wear a yellow shirt and red overalls. Going with the Stewie bobble head mask will definitely spice things up.

• Chris

First of all, if you're not naturally fat, you would need some pillows or stuffing material to get that chubby look. After that, you need yellow long hair wig and a cap. You can wear a blue t-shirt with grey jeans and white sneakers to get the perfect Chris Griffin look

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