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Faun & Minotaur Costume Ideas


Fauns are legendary creatures that hung out with nymphs and had a merry old time in the woods of Ancient Greece. Here are some ideas on how to put this costume together:

• Horns, Ears & Hooves

Since fauns are half human, half goat, the first thing you will need are your horns and goat ears. You can buy a pair of horn prosthetics and get some latex goat ears. Alternatively, you can also buy a goat mask to wear over your face. Hooves can be hard to do, but you can buy shoe covers that are made to look like hooves.

• Makeup

If you're already wearing a mask, of course this is unnecessary, but if you opted for the separate horns and ears, it would be a good idea to buy a costume makeup kit. They sell dedicated animal makeup kits at costume stores. If you can't find one that will turn you into a goat at a brick-and-mortar store, there are plenty of options online.

• Hair

Fauns are typically hairy, especially on their legs. If you're a hairy guy your fine, but if not, you can buy fake fur to adorn yourself.

• Clothes

The fauns of legend didn't wear much clothes at all, but if you're not into running around naked, a loin cloth might be in order. Just make sure that it looks natural; fauns represent the forest and all of its organic pleasures.

Make your clothes out of simple leather or plants. You might also use fur to cover yourself and make it look like your own body hair. Are you ready to frolic with the river nymphs? Wear a faun costume this Halloween!


In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a monster that has the body of a man and the head of a sneering bull. Here's how to put such a strange creature together:

• The Face

When putting together the costume, you'll need to purchase a Montour mask. However, if you wish to be more creative use light brown face paint to cover the entirety of your face and neck. Using black paint, apply a generous layer to the top of your nose to create the 3d effect of a Minotaur snout. A trademark of the Minotaur, attach a fake septum piercing to your nose. Next, cut out horn shapes from a sheet of cardboard (plastic will work well, too). Using hot glue, attach the cut-out horns to an old headband and allow them to dry.

• The Body

For your body, you can either go shirtless or wear a brown sweater. For those going shirtless, liberally apply the brown paint to the rest of your body, occasionally using a thin line of paint to highlight pectoral and abdominal muscles (remember, the Minotaur is a remarkably strong creature.

Next, obtain an old pair of basketball or sweat shorts. Using fake fur purchased from a local crafts store, hot glue the fur onto the shorts and apply the brown paint to the rest of your legs. Wearing black high heels may certainly create the effect of the Minotaur's posture, it may be too difficult to walk around. Therefore, another option is to simply purchase large cowboy boots or to paint a white pair of shoes the same brown color that you have painted your body.

Using the cardboard that you used for the horns, (Or you can buy the horns premade at a Halloween Costume Shop) cut out a tail shape and hot glue it to the pair of shorts. Once the shorts and headband have dried, you can now assemble your completed minotaur costume.

• The Weapon

The Minotaur has also been known to carry a gigantic axe, used to slay his victims. One of these can be purchased at a local prop store. Additionally, you can feel free to adorn your costume with as many accessories as you see fit.

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