Fire Halloween  Cosutme

Fire & Ice Costume Ideas

We are going to take a look at two of the most basic, yet mesmerizing elements that make up our planet: Fire and Ice. These costumes will be so eye-opening that they will catch the attention of virtually everyone at your next gathering.

Fire Costume

Fire Cosutme

To start the fire costume, men will need a red pair of sweatpants, a red sweater, and red socks (don't be afraid to supplement with red shoes as well). For women and simple red dress will work perfectly. This will form the basis of your costume, and from here, we will accessorize.

Next, you will need red, orange, and yellow streamers, which can be found on Amazon for an extremely convenient price. Cut up the streamers into sizes of your desire and use a glue gun (or other adhesive of your choice) and glue the streamers all over the outfit. This creates the effect that you are actually on fire, as the streamers will move and "dance" as you walk around, mimicking the volatile nature of actual flames.

To put the finishing touches on the costume, use red, orange, and yellow face paint to make it appear as though your face is engulfed in flames as well. In fact, some people have even dyed their hair red or purchased a wig for this costume, but of course that is not integral to having a high-quality fire costume.

Ice Costume

To start the ice costume, make sure you are wearing an entirely blue outfit (shirt, pant, socks, etc.). To make things easier, do not be afraid to simply wear a large, dark blue robe to completely envelop yourself in blue fabric.

Next, use a light blue body paint to completely paint your face, neck, and hands. Be sure to paint any part of your body that is not covered by the blue outfit/robe: the less skin shown, the better. Utilizing white makeup glitter, which can be bought at your local craft or makeup store, sprinkle the glitter throughout different parts of your face and hands, creating the effect that you have been "frozen over." The glitter resembles ice and creates a tangible frozen effect.

Feel free to accessorize with an "ice crown," which you can purchase online or make yourself using blue and white construction paper in the shape of a crown and white glitter. To really knock this costume out of the park, buy some white/blue contact lenses. People will definitely get the chills when they look you in the eyes at your next Halloween party and see that your made of ice.

Sometimes you don't need an elaborate idea to make a captivating costume - just relying on the oldest elements, fire and ice, is enough to blow your friends away. Following these steps, you'll be the life of the party!

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