Firefly Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Firefly Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most beautiful aspects of summertime is the eye-opening, stunning firefly. Seeing the flashed of light as you sit peacefully in the backyard is one of the most relaxing experiences you could ask for! Today, we will describe how to transfer these magical bugs into a Halloween costume.

• Getting Started

To start, you will need a primarily black outfit. For the pants, black sweatpants or jean will work just fine for this. For sneakers, generally any color will work, but try to stick with black or yellow, to mimic the legs of a real firefly. Wear a large black hoodie, sweater, or long sleeve shirt for the top.

• The Antennae

Using black construction paper or felt, cut out large antennae: It works best to draw them first and then cut them out. Use an old black beanie hat to either sew the antennae into the hat or use fabric glue to adhere the antennae.

• The Wings

Next, we are going to work on the wings of the firefly. Using a cardboard box, cut out the desired wing shape, as seen in the picture below. Now, using black construction paper (or again, you can feel free to use black felt as well), cut out small circles and glue them to the cardboard wing shape. Repeat this process for the second wing and let both sit to dry for about one to two hours.

Next, using an elastic string, tie the two wings together and add a small "loop" so that it can go over your head and rest against your neck so that the wings drape down to the middle of your back.

• The Light

Now, for the main attraction of the costume - the firefly's lightning abdomen. Purchase a white lantern from a local department store. Be sure that you buy an extra bright one so that it shines and illuminates the rest of the costume when you are trick r treating in the dark or navigating your Halloween party when the lights are out.

Using an elastic band, create another loop and place it over your neck, but this time, drape it over the front of your body so that it rests just below the sternum and above the belly. If you so choose, you can also create your own lightning abdomen by purchasing a plain, empty lantern and filling it with small lights of your desired color - purple, yellow, white, blue, pink, etc.

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