Gone Fishing Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Gone Fishing Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the best inspirations for a great costume is to look to the outdoors. In this article, you'll learn how to create an authentic "fishing" Halloween costume. What's not to love about a day on the water? Follow the below steps for a great costume.

Basic Fishing Outfit

• The Shirt

To start, you will need to recreate the iconic fisherman's outfit. Most will wear a plaid shirt. Conveniently, any colored pattern of plaid works just fine, though the most common color is typically red.

Next, you will wear a traditional brown fishing vest over it. The fishing vest is characterized by its abundance of pockets in which to hold items. This can easily be bought on online or at a local department store. This shirt-vest combo is the foundation of the costume and a staple among fishing enthusiasts for maximum accessory storage.

• The Pants

For paints wear a pair of beige cargo pants or shorts (you may want to make your decision based on the weather on the day of your costume party). Again, these can be found at any clothing store. The cargo pants also have an abundance of pockets. One thing you've learned about fishermen is that they have a huge need for storage!.

• The Shoes

For your shoes, you want choose a pair of durable hiking or rain boots. Remember, you're not just any ordinary fisherman, you are a seasoned vet and you've got the right equipment. You can even dirty up the boots for an even more authentic feel, as most people trudge through water or mud at some point during their trips. To finish up the big picture, choose a bucket hat of your choice (some of them have really unique designs).

Fishing Tackle

Now, let's get to the finer details - all of the accessories that a fishing crew might carry. As you may remember, the costume has a ton of pockets, and its your job to put them to good use.

Of course, you need a fishing pole, which can be bought as low as $15. If you are truly crafty, you can attempt to make your own out of sticks and monofilament string, but that is indeed difficult. Using tape (or an actual hook), be sure to place some fake fish at the end of your pole to give the impression that you're a skilled fisher that just had a great day on the water. Going fishing always requires bait, and you can carry around a small container of fake worms (or sour gummy worms if you're looking for a more humorous and tasty depiction).

For other accessories, you can also carry around an extra set of hooks, another container of bate, or a duffel bag containing more fishing poles. If you show up in a fishing costume at your next Halloween gathering, you'll be sure to "catch" the attention of everyone in the room!

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