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Women's Flower Costume Ideas

Flower Girl

When people think about flowers, most folks just think about the beauty of flowers; but their strength to endure weather despite their brief existence makes that beauty even stronger. This means flowers and flower themes make for excellent costumes, as long as you make sure the look works properly.

The flower girl costume is meant to exemplify the beauty of flowers, as it's composed entirely of them. At least, they form the basic foundation for everything, since actually wearing flowers would be a bit impractical. Obviously fake flowers are ideal for such an outfit. A flower-based hat will make a great start, and from there you can design the costume to fit your needs, or the needs of the occasion.

There are a lot of flowers and flowery designs available, after all. A flower-patterned dress would work for a party, as would a dress made of fake flowers. Colors and patterns are up to personal taste but be advised some items will be easier to find than others. You may have to make the dress of fake flowers, so plan accordingly.

Don't Bug Me

Insects and flowers are deeply connected, so it makes sense to make a costume built around this. Obviously, fake insects should be used, and finding them is pretty easy. Toy bugs are pretty common in craft stores for all sorts of reasons, so finding some dragonflies, bees, or butterflies won't be hard. For flowers, a necklace or neck brace made from fake ones along with a green dress or outfit will complete the flower/insect combination. For some added realism, feel free to look up what sort of flowers certain insects prefer.


This costume lets you get pretty creative. While flowers and camo may not seem like they work together, it can if you make sure to add some greenery. A hard or necklace made to resemble stems, while the costume is green and leafy with smaller flowers, will do the trick nicely.

If you want to use more military style camo colors, that works too. Flowers come in all sorts of colors, so finding a plant to emulate won't be too hard. a tree-like look can work well, as plenty of trees have flowers in the spring season. This costume however, you go about it, would work well for an outdoor occasion at a park, garden, or backyard.

Flowers provide a lot of options for costumes. The sheer variety of lowering plants, trees, and shrubs, means that you have a lot of versatility when it comes to outfit design. Whether you go for a flashy, flowery design, one more in tune with nature and its cycles, or a look that blends with actual nature, have fun with the costume. If you need to make any of the parts yourself, search and plan accordingly for what you need, and the time required to design and build everything.

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