Gargoyle Halloween Cosutme Ideas

Gargoyle Halloween Costume Ideas

Those who grew up in the '90s probably remember the Gargoyles cartoon. Gargoyles themselves have an interesting history, and their role as guardians is more accurate than most people probably realize.

• Brief History

Back in the days of Gothic architecture, those gargoyle statues were meant to scare off demons, devils, and in-laws. The idea was to scare them off with guards that were even scarier. Thanks to their gothic aesthetic and the nostalgia, factor, gargoyles make for a good costume choice.

• Costume Basics

While a great idea for a costume, the execution can be problematic. The issue is you're basically talking a fully body costume in order to properly pull off the look. Generally, to get such a costume, you have to buy a premade version, and for children, at least, a premade gargoyle outfit can be easily purchased. Besides providing the look, it will also help keep the kids warm during the chilly Halloween night.

Adults have to put in a bit more work. Finding a premade version of the costume isn't impossible, but the quality of such costumes can be questionable sometimes. Usually, they're not very durable. Such costumes tend to only be designed for a couple uses, so they're quality tends to not be the best in relation to their costs.

As usual, though, there are ways around this issue. If you have the right colored clothes, or can get them on the cheap, a mask of appropriate visage, and some fake wings, you've gone and made yourself a gargoyle costume all on your own, without having to buy a premade one. a proper mask is probably the easiest part of the costume to find. The quality will vary, of course, but costume masks for brief uses don't need to have the same level of quality as a cosplay outfit. That said, if you can get such quality and desire to, there's no reason you couldn't - the costume is yours to shape and design, after all.

• The Wings

Wings can be tricky. Finding the right kind on their own isn't inherently difficult, since gargoyle wings tend to resemble bat wings in most respects. If you're crafty, or know someone who is, then why not have the wings custom made? It can be involved and potentially costly, but the quality will definitely helps the costume stand out from store bought and more hastily crafted costumes.

Whether for adults are children, a gargoyle costume can be as easily pulled together or as carefully crafted as you desire. Kids tend not to be gentle with stuff, and pre-purchased full body costumes for them are easy to find, affordable, and should last long enough to get the job done.

As for adults, premade costumes can do the job, but, if you're creative, crafty, or feel like making your costume stand out, then feel free to build it from created pieces and bringing them together into the ideal stone guardian. How you decide to go about the costume depends on how long you want it to last, and how good you want to look.

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