Gay (Shirtless) Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a gay man? Are you itching to put on an awesome costume this Halloween that will have everyone staring? If your ready to strip off your shirt and strut your stuff this Halloween then check out these shirtless gay Halloween costume ideas.

Just Paint

Whether you have a six pack of pure muscle or a gut built from regular six packs of beer, you can show off what you have with face and body paint. You can try all kinds of festive colors, or even embody a character using the paint. For example, you could paint yourself in silver body paint and be the Silver Surfer or cover yourself in green and be the Incredible Hulk.

Gladiator Costume

Let the games begin! Want to prove to Cesar (your boyfriend) how tuff you are? This costume personifies toughness and brute strength. However, it's a good idea to be in good physical shape because you must expose your upper torso.

A gladiator costume consists of a few elements. First of all, you can choose to wear skirt-type garment with some pleats on it or you can also wear pants made from some rough material. Needless to say, this part of the costume must come in dark colors. You can also add a belt made of cotton or a scarf around your waist.

Another item that will make your gladiator costume attractive is the arm guard. It should be made from metal or wood and you will have to use straps that will hold this part of the costume. It would be best to wear straps made from leather. Most gladiators wrapped their wrists with cotton or some other fabric in order to protect them because this is usually the part of the body that is most exposed to blows.

Of course, don't forget a weapon. In this case, I suggest a prop sword, even though gladiators used a huge range of cold weapons including tridents, javelins, bows and arrows, daggers, darts and more.

Construction Worker

If you have a ripped upper torso then go shirtless, otherwise just were a demi-blue work shirt with a orange vest. For paints were tight blue jeans, however not too tight because you don't want them to be uncomfortable. The footwear should be rugged steel toe work boots. The color of the boots will be tan or black.

you'll want to wear a tool belt around your waist. This will signify that you are a construction worker and not just some attractive guy shirtless. Additionally, you can fill up the tool belt with your own tools if you want to give it a more authentic look.

Just use lightweight tools such as screwdrivers and plyers because you won't want to carry around too much weight on your waist. If you want to go one more step further, you can wear a yellow hard hat on top of your head to complete the look.

Sexy Cowboy

A fun Halloween costumes is the so-called sexy cowboy costume. Sexy usually requires simplicity, so it won't take much before you create this costume. First of all, you need a pair of nice boots.

After that, you can use a pair of blue denim jeans or black jeans. On top of that you should use a dark or completely shirt with pockets. It would be nice to use a shirt with white lining and metal buttons. However, If you want to look hip, than a plaid shirt will work too. Another option is to go shirtless and expose your chiseled manly chest and don't forget your cowboy hat.

Angel Costume

Technically, angels are supposed to be naked, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to get away with this in public. Instead, you're going to want to find some clothes that goes well with your wings. Maybe try something modern and sexy, If after this, you still feel like you want a more authentic "naked angel" look, you might be able to find a nude-colored bodysuit that can give that impression.

Some brave guys just were a G-String thong or even use body paint in lieu of clothes. For shoes, try something that will show your toes, like a pair of sandals in the style of the ancient Greeks. To pull your look together, get some makeup and give your face a new look.

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