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Gay Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you a gay man? Are you itching to put on an awesome costume this Halloween that will have everyone staring? Check out these great Halloween costume ideas:

Body Paint

Do you have a body that you're proud of? Whether you have a six pack of pure muscle or a gut built from regular six packs of beer, you can show off what you have with body paint.

You can try all kinds of festive colors, or even embody a character using the paint. For example, you could paint yourself in silver body paint and be the Silver Surfer or cover yourself in green and be the Incredible Hulk.

Drag Queen

Drag queens are fun, flamboyant and entertaining, thus making it a brilliant costume for Halloween. To pull this off you need to have the right type of makeup. for example, go with plenty of white makeup for your face, complement with bold eyeliner and red lipstick. For your outfit anything goes, however a large oversized dress such as a moo-moo would be hysterical. For the hair go with lots of it. If your hair is not quite long enough, you can find wigs online or at a party store.


Can you curse like a sailor? Even if you can't, an attractive gay man's sailor costume can have all the guys looking this Halloween. If you're having trouble finding one, they're easy enough to construct from white fabric. You can go minimalistic, too, by just wearing a pair of white shorts and a sailor hat.

Construction Worker

Just as sailor outfits are part of the regular arsenal of male stripper clothes, construction worker costumes can definitely be a hit at any party. They're also very easy to put together. Just get a pair of jeans and a workman's shirt, then go to a hardware store (or party store) and grab a hard hat. Of course shirt is optional.


Cowboy outfits are simple and easy to make. Grab your most rustic looking pair of jeans, a flannel shirt, a pair of cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. You might even throw in one of those big cowboy belt buckles. You can make a themed set of costumes with a friend if you want a horse, too.

Whether you're slathering yourself in body paint or riding into the sunset on your bucking bronco, try one of these manly Halloween costumes this year and turn heads.

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