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Ginnie Costume Ideas

Genies are powerful beings in Arabic folklore who can grant wishes. Whether the wish they grant is what you wanted, though, depends on the disposition of the genie in question. Thanks to I Dream of Jeanie, the concept of genies, or djinn, entered the western culture and become better known. Disney's Aladdin did a lot to help, too.

• Disney's Interpretation

Disney's 2019s Aladdin did a lot to help, too. Genies are powerful beings in Arabic folklore who can grant wishes. Whether the wish they grant is what you wanted, though, depends on the disposition of the genie in question.

Robin Williams of course portrayed a very affable genie, but they could be cruel and cunning creatures as well. Interestingly, with arrival of Islam, genies remained an important part of local folklore, with good genies generally identified by their faith.

• The Costume

As for a costume, there are a couple different directions you can go with this one. Though painting yourself blue is a bit much, if you want to go for the Aladdin look, some baggy pants and a vest will do the job quite nicely. Feel free to put on a shirt if it's colt out. Genies, in their human form, typically wore what the locals did to obscure their power and not draw attention to themselves.

That said, a flashier costume is certainly appropriate as well. Itty-bitty living space or not, genies could and did wield impressive power, and some felt no qualms about displaying that. to make the costume flashier and more ornate, trim along the colors, stripes, or some shiny bits are perfectly acceptable options.

This is also true for female costumes. The vest and pants look works just as fine for women, though for a sexier look an appropriately fashioned bikini top works exceptionally well. the I Dream of Jeannie look was a little more restrained, but that was because of network censors. Still, it’s an alluring look that can be pulled off with some baggy pants, a sexy top, and maybe a vest if you like.

Colors are key, too. Reds and blues are great for the tops, while tans or browns work well for the pants. Vibrant colors can also work to make the outfit match. It's a bold choice, to be sure, but when you're a being of phenomenal cosmic power, some flash is warranted.

• The Accessories

As for accessories, besides blinging out the clothes themselves with studs, some bracelets, a necklace, and rings are perfectly acceptable. Women with long hair may want to put it up in a ponytail tied in place with a ribbon that matches the color of their top. A braid or plait can also work nicely. Hats are another option, though caution is advised here lest you end up wearing something not meant for such frivolity.

Genie costumes are rather versatile due to their familiarity to western culture. At the core, all you need is some baggy pants and a vest of the appropriate colors. From there, accessories and additions are up the individual.

Women wanting a sexier look can replace the vest with a more alluring top, and men wishing to do the same can just wear the vest, weather permitting. When you wield the power to grant wishes, make sure your costume reflects that power, or its restraint.

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