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Ghost Halloween Costume Ideas

Why do people find ghosts so scary? Is it the prospect of facing our own mortality that gives us chills? Whether or not you want to get philosophical about it, a ghost Halloween costume can be a great choice, and it's certainly one of the classic costumes of the season. Now, you might be thinking "Being a ghost is so cliche" Indeed it is, which is why you should put your own creative twist on it!

To make your ghost more recognizable and specific, why not base your costume on a notable person? Depending on how long the person has been dead, this could be somewhat offensive to fans, so beware!

You could try being the ghost of a dead president, or perhaps the ghost of a historical figure who died in a famous way. For example, if you're a woman and are looking for an excuse to be headless this Halloween, Anne Boleyn might be a great costume for you.

Obviously, how elaborate the costume will be depends on how your celebrity dressed. Regardless of clothes, though, make sure that you are able to differentiate yourself from the living version of your celebrity. Add some pale makeup to your face to accentuate your ghostly appearance, for example.

TV Ghost - If being the ghost of someone who existed in real life isn't your thing, you can try a famous ghost from TV or from a movie. If you want to go for something friendly and child-like, trying finding a Casper costume (or you can reasonably make one yourself if you're handy like that). If you want something a little scarier, maybe a famous ghost from a horror movie.

Makeup - Nowadays it's not advisable to walk around wearing white sheets, but you can embody a generic, classic ghost without one. Cover yourself in pale makeup and white powder. Wear gray, dusty clothes and attach a fake set of chains to your legs. This is what you could call A Christmas Carol look.

If you want to scare the heck out of people, then the above ghosts might not cut it. Shop around for a truly frightening mask-something skeletal or deformed. Then get a bodysuit that will show some of your guts. Ghosts usually aren't too pretty when they come back from the grave, after all.

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