Cosmic Golden Girl Costume Ideas

Is your favorite color gold? Do you feel a little more expensive than most people? If you're the kind of person who likes a statuesque costume that is themed on a certain style and color, then maybe a golden girl costume would be the perfect one for you.

• Body Paint

The first way that you could have the silver gold "look," is to paint yourself from head to toe with gold body paint, while wearing just the basic essentials (a gold bikini) as clothes. To seal the deal, wear gold eyelashes, nails, and lipstick. Cover everything in silver. However, if you want contrast, purple will work too.

• Clothes

The next method will save you some painting, even if it's not quite as impressive. Get a gold-colored body suit or just some gold clothes. If you don't have any gold clothes, you might be able to cover some aluminum foil and glue it onto some of your regular clothes. Use this in conjunction with some gold makeup on your face, ideally. You might also be able to find a gold mask if you don't like the idea of wearing makeup at all.

• Accessories

In regard to accessories were a gold headpiece, neckless and rings for that exotic golden look. For shoes, you can paint your bare feet or go to a shoe store and find something gold and shiny. You could even wear these on other occasions, like New Years, even if they might be a bit tacky. Do you want to be the most expensive thing at the party this year? Wear a golden girl costume and you'll have people touching you to see if you're real!

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