Kids Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

There is a range of choices this Halloween when it comes time to transform into that perfect superhero. To narrow down the selection I've included my best super hero costume ideas below:

Batman Costume

There have been many incarnations of Batman throughout the decades, some of them extremely memorable and some of them kind of lame, but regardless of what era or incarnation you want to portray, the basis of the costume has always remained the same - a long, dark/black cloak and mask that covers most of the face and has pointy ears that resemble a bat.

The costume also sports a cool symbol of a bat on the chest. The design of this symbol has changed over the years too. In the first comic books it was a black bat on a gray costume and later the symbol was placed on a yellow elliptical surface. You can use whatever symbol you want because both of them are used by modern authors.

Batman doesn't have superpowers although he is a superhero. He relies on the gadgets that he personally invents. Make sure to add some gadgets like the claw or boomerang on your costume to make it look more authentic. If you are able to produce that sharp voice that Batman usually uses that would be perfect.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been fully accepted by the mainstream and is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. Not only is she an awesome combatant when it comes to getting rid of the evildoers that plague society, she also makes for an awesome Halloween costume.

• The Outfit

To start, you will need gold, knee-high boots. Wonder Woman typically has thick red stripes down the side of each boot. Ideally, the boots should be "firm" as Wonder Woman's seem to be made of a metallic material.

Next, you will need a dark-blue skirt that falls about mid-thigh high. Be sure to cut small segments out of the bottom, so it extends farthest down the center, (in a way, the dress should form an upside down "W" shape.

Next, purchase an entirely red corset (you can also buy a white corset and spray paint it the desired shade of red). Wonder Woman is also known for her silver wrist guards and her silver/gold headband. She also wears long, black hair, so be sure to purchase a wig or wear your hair naturally if you so choose. Remember, this is your personal rendition of Wonder Woman, so if you want to change her hair color or any other aspect of the costume, you can certainly do so!

• Final Touches

Feel free to experiment with makeup and jewelry as you put together the costume. Sometimes, Wonder Woman can be seen wearing a pendant around her neck. Additionally, you can even make your Wonder Woman "battle damaged." To do so, purchase some Ben Nye liquid latex and apply it to the desired areas of the skin. When it dries, use red body paint to create fake injuries. You can also rub dirt along the arms and costume to make it seem as though you have been in fierce battle.

Now, you have all the information needed to create your own DIY Wonder Woman costume. This one is a bit more challenging than some of the others, but keep in mid that the process is meant to be fun and adventurous, so don't take it too seriously!

Superman Costume

They don't call him the Man of Steel for nothing. There is a reason the legend of Superman has persisted for over a half-century. People find the concept of the indestructible man from planet Krypton to be captivating.

• Clark Kent

One costume gaining popularity is that of the journalist Clark Kent as Superman. To start, you will need dress socks, black dress pants, and a tight black belt. Wear a black, grey, or blue dress coat, but be sure to keep it unbuttoned about halfway down. Underneath, wear a t-shirt with the patented large "S" for Superman.

Next, wear a pair of standard square eyeglasses, perhaps placing tape around the bridge of the glasses for added effect. Finally, you will want to style your hair in a similar fashion shown here, which can be easily done with a little gel and a comb. Feel free to adorn yourself with a fancy watch or other accessories.

• Superman

Next, we'll be focusing on the "actual" Superman. That is, Clark Kent when he rips his suit off and reveals the colorful outfit of the Man of Steel. Most of this costume will have to be bought, but we can still accessorize.

Start with the large red boots, the blue spandex, and tight red jock strap. Adorn yourself with a yellow belt, blue "muscle suit" top, large "S" in the chest area, and red cape. Again, we'll want to keep the hair the same.

Spider-Man Costume

Do you love the famous Marvel web-slinger? Do you secretly pretend your fighting Dr. Octopus and Venom every night? If so, why not dress him up as Spider-Man for Halloween this year? Here are some ideas:

• Suit

The first thing Spider-Man will need is his fancy spider suit. This is easy enough to come by as a pre-made outfit, and there's little reason to make one yourself, unless you happen to like sewing stretchy fabric.

The most authentic-looking approach would probably be to find a nice zentai-style bodysuit that has all the classic Spider-Man markings on it. You can also buy costumes that aren't whole body suits, and it can make getting in and out of the outfit easier. These basically consist of a shirt, some pants, some gloves, and a simple Spider-Man mask.

• Shoes

Spider-Man didn't really wear shoes, but the bottom of your kid's spider suit is sure to get worn out if he doesn't wear some. Try a pair of shoes that won't draw attention to themselves or make the outfit look less authentic. A pair of simple red canvas shoes could work great.

• Webbing

Spider-Man shoots webbing out of his wrists, and adding this element can be messy, so consider it optional. Unless your kid has been bitten by a radioactive spider, you're going to need to get some extra gear to achieve this. They actually sell Spider-Man web shooters that expel what is basically silly string and you can find them online.

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