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Kids Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

Ever since they were introduced, American superheroes have captured the hearts of both kids and adults. The number of superheroes is constantly growing and we can see their powers in books, comic books, movies, TV shows, toys etc. One thing that makes these superheroes special is their costumes. I've include some cool kids Super Hero Halloween costume suggestions below:


You can rarely find a kid today that has not heard about Superman. Most of them like this super-strong man and if your kid is one of them then you must create a costume like the one worn by Superman. In order to make this costume you will need a plain blue shirt and blue tights. This shouldn't be a problem for any parent.

Superman also has a cape that comes in red color and you can use any long piece of red fabric to create the cape. For the red boots, you can use red garment placed on top of your kid's regular shoes/boots. In the end, print or sew the Superman on the chest.


If you take a close look at the costumes that Superman and Batman wear you will notice a lot of similarities. However, this time you will need black shirt and tights as well as a black cape. On the other hand, Batman is wearing a mask, so you need to spend more time creating this mask with pointy bat ears that is covering half of the face.

Batman also has his own logo that you can sew or print and glue. What makes Batman significantly different is his accessories. The easiest way to solve this is to buy some toys that represent some of Batman's secret weapons.

Wonder Woman

Now here's an American superhero costume that is perfect for young grils. Some of the things that you will need for this costume are: red corset top, red boots, red leotards, red boots, brunette wig, tiara, white fabric stars and bright blue miniskirt.

Wonder Woman has not changed since the 70s when she was introduced, so you won't have problems creating an authentic costume. If you are making this costume for Halloween, make sure to add a red tote bag to the outfit, so your kid can place the treats inside.


Spiderman is definitely one of the classic American superheroes with amazing powers. In order to create a Spiderman costume you will need a jumpsuit that has a combination of blue and red color. You can make the mask on your own or you can buy it from the store. While your in the store you can find webbed toys too.

Spiderman doesn't have shoes, so it would be best to buy authentic Spiderman socks and put them over your kid's shoes. The same goes for the gloves which play a significant role for this character because this is where the web is produced and used from. Remember to add a Spiderman logo on the chest.

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