Hipster Animal Halloween Costume Ideas

Hipster Animal Halloween Costume Ideas

People love to dress up as animals for Halloween. So much so that the concept of an animal costume can be seen as quite trite and overplayed. However, we are here to make the Hipster Animal costume cool again. Here's how to get things started:

• Hipster Deer

While you can also purchase a deer mask, there is also a method of completing the costume on your own. To start, purchase some fake antlers from a craft store or Halloween store. These can also be cut out of brown construction paper and glued to a small hat.

Using contour makeup, apply it liberally to your cheeks to create that elongated snout look. Apply black eyeliner liberally to your eyes, and use a light brown to draw on your eyebrows. Using white foundation, apply small dots on your cheeks and temple, to mimic the varying colors of a deer.

Next, apply black lipstick to just your top lip. Then draw a line from your lip to your nose, and color in the tip of your nose. Finally, wear black or brown skinny jeans, a light brown striped shirt or sweater, some high top sneakers, and some thick-rimmed glasses.

• Hipster Wolf

For the hipster wolf costume, purchase large white poster-board and cut out a mask shape - just big enough to cover your eyes, as seen in the image attached. Next, using some brown faux fur purchased from a local craft store, cut out small pieces and set them aside. Using super glue, adhere the fur pieces to the mask.

This will create the basis for the wolf costume. Using a string of elastic, lace it through the ends of the mask so that it fits your head snugly. Using some black face paint, apply some color to your nose, mimicking a wolf's snout.

Feel free to wear a long sleeved striped shirt with various patches of faux fur glued upon it. Complete the look with thick-rimmed glasses, converse sneakers, and a hip hat. You can also add fake ears to the top of the hat as well. If you would rather not follow the DIY process, feel free to purchase a wolf mask from a Halloween store.

• Hipster Giraffe

Finally, let's create the hipster giraffe costume. To start, wear a large yellow turtleneck. Cut out of orange pieces of felt into hexagons and adhere them to the turtleneck. Using orange body paint, create hexagons all along your neck and the side of your face.

Similar to the deer costume, purchase or cut out fake ears and wear them as a head band. Next, feel free to wear some orange skinny jeans, brown-rimmed glasses, and brown or orange shoes. Once partygoers get a look at your hipster animal costumes, you will most definitely be the life of any party you choose to attend.

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