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Little Red Ridding Hood

The year is 1990, the setting a segregated yet homely wooden cabin deep in the heart of the woods. The cool October fog prevents the resident of the home, Red A young lady no older than twenty from seeing within a few yards of her cabin. Not that Red minded, though. She hummed a cheerful, carrying out her daily chores with her spare hand. Despite the weather's best attempt at dampening her spirits, Red was as cheerful as ever, and was eager to visit the nearby town so that she could gather the groceries for tonight's dinner.

As she stepped out into the wilderness, the smell of damp bark met her nose as she inhaled sharply, navigating the well trodden path that she had beaten into the undergrowth through several years of walking. The ground beneath foot was damp, yet not wet enough to pull her ankles into a slurry of dismal sludge, though it still prevented her from gleefully skipping as Red would have done on a warm summer's morning.

She browsed the shelves of the store, stacking a few vegetables into her cradled arms before glancing out of the window to notice a rather eerie figure silhouetted in the mist. Upon noticing her, he stepped back into the fog, vanishing into the natural silver smoke that filled the streets. "Oh," The red retorted, "He must have been looking for a different store."

With her food packed neatly into a red basket, she meandered back through the trees. She paused her hands trembling, and her hairs standing on end. It couldn't be! She fumbled around, but it appeared that she had lost her purse. She turned to face the shops, once again noticing the eerie figure silhouetted in the mist. Red exhaled sharply. Was she being followed? Thankfully, as she reached into her bag, Red realized that she had dropped her purse inside. She pulled out the small decorative purse, and clutched it gratefully to her chest in the knowledge that she would not have to walk back past the mysterious man whom seemed to be following her.

Once back inside the cabin, Red clumsily diced the vegetables. She was extremely lucky not to nick her skin with the blade of her knife, the thought of her stalker consuming her consciousness and waited for her sister to arrive. She was safe with her family around, at least. The vegetables boiled with a crackle, and the iron doorknob began to rattle. The woman cowered in the corner, convinced that her follower had made his way to her humble abode.

"What's wrong with you!?" her sister, Judy said as she entered the cabin.
"Oh, nothing, I'm sorry."
"Oh, but I refuse to believe that! You were cowering in the corner back there!"
"I thought you were somebody else, that's all! There's been a man... at least, I think it's a man... Following me all morning."
"Red!" Exclaimed the girl's sister, "You need to confront him! If you don't... Oh god, he'll keep following you, and his obsession would only become worse!"

And so, after weeks of being followed, Red finally plucked up the courage to finally stand up to her stalker. With the look of rage in her eye, she approached him. The man had hypnotic teal eyes that peered out from behind a scruffy, ragged beard, and mongrel-like shaggy hair. It was the first time that Red had seen his features in detail. Startled by her boldness, the stalker began to flee into the woods.
"You're a coward!" Red's voice bellowed, "You're nothing but a coward! You follow a girl for weeks and then you don't have the guts to talk to her!?"

The man faced the ground before slowly turning. He almost shamefully made his way towards Red, dragging his feet reluctantly as he approached.
"I'm sorry, Red." His masculine voice growled, "I've been infatuated by your beauty for weeks... But I don't have the social skills to strike up a conversation you see. I mean... Dammit, I'm screwing this up even right now."
"You're a creepy man," Laughed Red, though she somehow felt an odd charm in his presence.
"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?"
"Wolf. My friends call me Wolf."
"Well, Mr. Wolf," Scolded Red, I want you to stop following me and work on your social skills. Perhaps one day we'll meet under different circumstances, but until then, a girl does not appreciate being stalked as if she is a predator's prey."

Months passed, and Red did not once see her not-so-secret admirer, though she still could not shake the feeling that her footsteps were being traced. Even in the darkest, quietest nights, she never felt as if she was ever truly alone. Perhaps it was just the mental remnants of her ordeal, though she just could not rid herself of the feeling though perhaps it also had something to do with the fierce rivalry that seemed to be brewing between herself and her sister after their mother's passing.

"You always were her favorite," Argued Judy, "all those bracelets and rings mother gave you must be worth a small fortune.' Her voice had somewhat of a serpentine hiss to it as she grudgingly spoke. Truth be told, Red did not care much for the supposedly valuable jewelry that had been left behind. She enjoyed her life as it was, and surely, coming into the ownership of some jewelry would not change her life, though her sister quarried endlessly over that matter.

It was one cold winter's evening when Red was harvesting firewood from a shed towards the back of her house. For the first time in a while, she felt alone. It was peaceful and serene. She could hear everything from the tweet of robins, to the rumble of the river from the bottom of the valley. She gasped as the moment was interrupted by the crack of branches and a set of heavy footsteps that carried themselves towards her. All at once, a hand covered her mouth as she was pulled to one side by the brute strength of a mysterious figure.

"Shh..." Growled the man's voice. "It's me, Wolf. I'm not here to hurt you. I've just got something to say please hear me out. I've got some news of importance..." The two voices whisperer into the air before a somewhat shaken looking Red made her way back to her cabin, barely able to keep her stack of branches flat where she was trembling.

Red made her way into the cottage, where her sister had been brewing a pot of warm, golden nectar that she poured into two small tea saucers.
"You look shaken, Red!" Sighed Judy, "Is something up!?"
"It's Wolf He's following me again. I just saw him up at the shed."
"We really need to take care of that freak!" Gasped Judy, "Here, drink up your tea," She said, setting down the saucers on the small table in the center of the cabin's main room, "It'll make you feel better." A thunderous banging erupted from the door, and Red, still rather shaken, wasted no time in grabbing a small branded knife that was beside her sink. She breathed deeply, approaching the door uneasily as her sister watched in shock. It was Wolf. Red appeared to spark into a rage.

"I told you not to follow me again, you perverted man!" Her voice screeched, and she thrust her blade directly into his abdomen, sending him to the floor instantly. Judy, somewhat awestruck, but oddly continued to insist that her sister drink the cup of tea before they fetched the authorities.

Judy crouched down next to the body, unsure just what she should do with it. Deciding not to get any blood on her own hands, she rose to her feet and turned to watch her sister, who was now sipping from the cup. Judy smiled almost eerily before sipping her own drink. Red peered over the teacup, watching as her sister drop to the cobble stone floor, yelling in agony.

Suddenly, Wolf sprung to life, leaping to his feet and stood up looking down at Judy whom seemed almost lifeless and limp. Wolf removed a pillow from underneath his shirt.
"I knew your plan" Red said, "Shame on you Judy!"
"But How?," Judy cried.
"Wolf warned me about you. I didn't believe him at first, but you've been acting so strange - So, I switched the teacups when you inspected Wolf's body, I didn't think you would actually try to Poisson me."
Wolf spoke, "You see miss Judy, I've been following you and Red for quite some time. I knew you were plotting to kill your sister. Not a nice thing to do, not at all."
"Damn you Wolf," Judy whispers as she took one last breath. Judy's eyes closed and she was dead to the world, forever.
"I must call the authorities," Red cried." Wolf nodded in agreement.
"I hope I'm not being too forward with your sister being dead on the floor and all..." Wolf growled, "but since I saved your life, is it possible, just possible if you and I go on a date for dinner, dancing and maybe a romp in the hey?"
"Oh my dear Mr. Wolf," Red said laughing and crying at the same time, "You've been staking me night and day, and you didn't even know I was gay?" 

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