Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume Ideas

Whether you love it, hate it, or hate to love it, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an cult classic with a huge (and inexplicable) following. It's safe to say there are some frighteningly memorable characters in the movie.

• Dr. Frank N. Furter

Being a drag queen isn't for everyone, but it certainly worked well for Tim Curry. This is easily the most famous character in Rocky Horror, and for good reason. He's fearless, flamboyant, and clad in fishnet stockings.

If you're ready to get in touch with your feminine side, get yourself a tight leather vest, some black panties, and a pair of black stockings. Throw in a gaudy pearl necklace and a fake tattoo if you want to be really authentic.

For makeup, smother your face in white powder, put some excessive black eyeshadow on, then grab some of your girlfriend's blood-red lipstick and apply copious amounts. If you don't have long curly locks like Tim Curry in this movie, then find a wig at a party store or even a hair store. To make things more simple, you might be able to find some pre-made costumes.

• Riff Raff

For Riff Raff, you're going to first need a head that's balding in the middle. If you're not bald and shaving your crown isn't your thing, grab a long blonde wig at a party store that has a bald spot up top. Next, you'll need a black jacket and some pants, a white vest to wear underneath, some dress shoes, and white spats to put over your shoes.

You can greatly simplify this by buying a pre-made costume, but getting a real suit and dressing yourself up from scratch might look more authentic. For makeup, you're going to want to make your face pale. Look barely alive with eyes that are sunken in.

• Columbia

Being a snazzy dresser, you're going to have to get used to glitter and sequins if you're going to be Columbia for Halloween. Get a gold and glittery hat, a jacket of that same color and texture, and add a multi-colored shimmering strapless bodice-type top underneath.

For pants, some vertical striped rainbow shorts are in order. Don't forget your shiny black heels with awkward white socks underneath and pantyhose under that. Why? Because it's the 70's, that's why. After your outfit is in order, smother your face in pale makeup.

• Magenta

If you have the basic elements of a maid costume lying around, you should be able to put together a decent Magenta. Get a tiny black maid dress with a white apron and a little white maid hat. For the crazy hair, get a frizzy brown wig at a part store or a hair store. Similar to Columbia, your face should be pale.

• Rocky Horror

This is the costume that requires the least fabric, that's for sure. If you're a muscular guy (or want to pretend that you are), put on a gold pair of man-panties, and pair of gold boots, and a short blond wig and you should be good. Ready to do the time warp again? Dress as your favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show character this Halloween and make your friends run and scream from nostalgia.

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