Psychiatric  Hospital Cosutme Ideas

Mental Hospital Costume Ideas

Historical records have documented that evil spirits can posses a human mind, thus rendering the individual completely insane. As a result, a trip to the psych ward may yield some insane Halloween costume ideas.

Wacko Receptionist

At any psychiatric hospital, the receptionist might wear a headset to communicate with doctors, therefore you'll need to purchase one from a Halloween costume store. Next, you need a white shirt (drizzle some fake blood on it to highlight just how crazy you are!) and some white pants.

Feel free to get creative with some spooky nametags as well. Next, you want to convey that you are truly someone that should not be messed with; smear some fake blood across your face to display that you are completely wacko. Feel free to get extra creative with some skull shaped earrings too. For a weapon, don't be afraid to wield a pen, a phone cord, or a trusty butcher knife.

Crazed Nurse

Of course, any mental hospital will have the crazed nurse. The first step is to buy a traditional nurse's costume. Then, get creative and customize it to be incredibly terrifying. Start with the nurse's hat - using a red marker, paint, or fake blood, draw red lines across the hat to make it seem as though blood has been spilled.

Next, use makeup to create a spooky face. Blue eyeshadow does a great job of conveying a deranged, zombified aesthetic. Be sure to spill some fake blood across the nursing scrubs as well. This isn't any old nurse, this is a dangerous individual. For a weapon, feel free to use a knife, stethoscope, scalpel, or any other item you may typically find on a nurse's tray.

Killer Doctor

It wouldn't be a psychiatric hospital without the killer doctor. For this costume, you need a set of scrubs, latex/rubber gloves, and a lab coat. Make sure to wear a stethoscope around your neck too. These are all the trappings of a traditional doctor, but we are about to make him insane.

Utilize a blood-stained anti-viral facemask to send the idea that you are not afraid to get down and dirty with your weapons. A fake knife or vial of poison is truly a horrific thing for a doctor to walk around with.

Psycho Patient

For an unhinged psych patient, you'll ideally wear some white pants and a strait jacket, which can be purchased online at a low price. This sends the idea that you need to be kept away from people at all costs.

If you want to scare those at your gathering, pretend to break free from the jacket midway through the night. To really convey the idea that you are unhinged, utilize fake blood all across the suit. It may be extra insane to carry around a body part, like a hand, foot, or arm, as if you recently chopped up a fellow inmate.

So, there you have it, four terrifying psychiatric hospital costumes. If you want to be the scariest part of your next Halloween gathering, utilize some of the above ideas to really steal the show.

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