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Insane Halloween Costume Ideas

On the night of October 31, many people in the world celebrate Halloween. This holiday has long history that dates back from the time of Celts who believed supernatural forces would get a chance to enter our world and do evil deeds.

Historical records have documented that evil spirits can posses a human mind, thus rendering the individual completely insane. As a result, a trip to the psych ward may yield some insane Halloween costume ideas.

Psychotic Costume

Psychosis is a medical condition in which patients are described as persons who lack contact with reality. So, anything that looks out of the ordinary and weird can be described as a good foundation for a great psycho Halloween costume. The simplest way to achieve a psychotic look is to wear appropriate clothing.

For example, clothing should consist of white pants and white shirt or long white dress. In order to make things more dramatic add blood stains on the clothes. Make sure your hair is messy and have some weird looking scares on your face. In addition, make your face pale because mental patients usually suffer from sleep deprivation and don't get much sun.

Straight Jacket Costume

Straight jacket or straitjacket is a term used to describe a specific type of garment that looks similar to jacket used to restrain people who may harm others or themselves. This is a garment usually found in psych ward. When we talk about straight jacket Halloween costume we should point out that this costume is not complex. The main focus should be placed on the jacket itself.

You can wear black shoes or boots and black or white pants. The jacket should be white. You can use some old jacket and cover your hands with the long sleeves. connect the sleeves and use a white scarf or some other similar accessory to cover the hands. The jacket must be zipped and it is a good idea to use a couple of belts on the chest to make the costume scarier. Don't forget to mess your hair and work on your look, you can stare or have a numb facial expression.

Crazy Doctor Costume

In many movies and stories, it is not only the patients that make psych wards scary, but there are some crazy doctors too. Try to find plain green or white clothes that resemble typical doctor's clothes. In addition, put a surgical mask on your face. Don't forget to use some fake blood on the mask and on the front side of your costume. Some people use fake glasses with thick frames and wigs with some weird hairstyles.

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